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Catalyzing Bio+Informatics

We want to mix a diverse set of scientists to catalyze open & innovative solutions to today's biggest [*]omics problems.

Hackseq is a Vancouver-based hackathon focused on open [*]omics. We want to bring individuals with diverse backgrounds together to collaborate on scientific questions and problems. Our philosophy is open-source, open-notebook, open science.

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  1. 1st place TBA

  2. 2nd place TBA

  3. 3rd place TBA

How to submit to Hackseq 2018?

  1. Assemble your team or apply solo.
  2. Register to the hackathon.
  3. Let's meet on Oct 12-14! Come up with great idea!
  4. Work on your project during hackathon.
  5. Win prizes!

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Why should you participate?

  • 01 Reason

    You will gain valuable knowledge!

  • 02 Reason

    You will enrich your CV with this outstanding experience!

  • 03 Reason

    Thanks to your innovative solution people may face a change in usage of their products and services!

  • 04 Reason

    You can win amazing prizes!

  • 05 Reason

    You will meet fantastic people!

Where and when

Vancouver, Canada
Oct 12-14, 2018