Inspire Challenge 2019




Thanks to all Participants!

  • PRIZE POOL $100,000
  • DATE Apr 10 - Jun 17, 2019 23:59 CDT

Inspire Challenge 2019

About the challenge

The CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture is challenging partners, universities, and others to use their data to develop innovative pilot projects. They are looking for ideas that adjust data-driven insights to inform local, national, regional, and global agriculture and food security in real time. You have possibility to win $100,000!

Your project should concern one of the following categories:

  • Revealing Food System
  • Monitoring Pests & Diseaes
  • Empowering Data - Driven Farming
  • Sensing and Renewing Ecosystems

The winners will gain $100,000 to bring their ideas into practice. In addition, teams will have 12 months to test and demonstrate their pilot projects' viability. All submitted works must be a collaboration between a person or team internal to the CGIAR and an external partner, using their partnership matching form.

Help farmers and producers to have happier and healthier life. Apply for the Inspire Challenge 2019.

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