Customer experience challenges - AccorHotels case study


Oct 05, 2018


Best possible customer experience is the primary goal in any service-oriented area, and with hotels, the comfort factor is arguably one of the most important criteria by which guests select their place to say. Soft beds, immaculate rooms, and eye-catching decor have long been the obvious standard. Any signs of stagnation must always be combated, which is why AccorHotels decided to hold AccorHotels Warsaw Hackathon on platform to bring innovation to one of the more neglected areas in hotel guest experience, which are the bathrooms.

While the hackathon was focused on improving the bathroom experience for hotel guests, the initiative is a part of a wider ideology. When advanced technologies are brought to the levels of commodity it is their refined form nearing perfection. With this approach the bathrooms in facilities of AccorHotels are meant to be different, make a statement, and become the new standard.

Number of participants: 40

Number of projects: 16

Prize pool: €4.500

Duration: 7:30-19:00 UTC, December 15, 2017



Authors of the winning project presented an intelligent device that focuses on improving the shower experience. The whole system can integrate with Amazon Alexa virtual assistant or IFTTT (automation service), through which it can be easily personalized. Intelligent showers using SmartTap can save energy and resources by preheating water based on hotel guest habits so that the person themselves does not need to run through progressively warmer water in the shower. In a similar fashion, bathtubs can be filled with warm water to the right volume prior to guest coming into the bathroom. The comfort factor can be raised by personalized, automated water massages adjusted to every client’s preferences. Every aspect of the shower experience with SmartTap can be controlled via a smartphone app.

Happy House

This project is a complete product, an intelligent washing toilet attachment that is meant to improve the bathroom experience with everyday deeds. The product has 3 variants in different price ranges, with accordingly adjusted sets of features.

Abyss Glass

Every hotel bathroom is equipped with a mirror, and if the goal of this hackathon is to enhance the bathroom experience using technology, then an interactive mirror is just the right answer. From watching movies, reading news, to quickly checking weather reports when brushing teeth, an interactive mirror can immensely increase productivity of hotel guests from the business world.

The winning team that was announced at the end of the event in Warsaw, aside from monetary prizes, was awarded a contract with AccorHotels to deploy their solution all of the brand’s Eastern European hotels. Such an opportunity in a one time chance to grown as a business or entrepreneur. For us, the team, being a part of this hackathon meant collaboration with a global client which resulted in a meticulously organized event.

Hackathons are our passion, we’re happy to work with you on the next one! Visit our website to find out how we can help your business grow! AccorHotels Warsaw Hackathon was one of many we’ve been involved in, and you can read many more of our case studies about those. Let’s get in touch and great things will happen!