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Hire developers with recruitment platforms


Oct 26, 2018


Currently, more than ever before, the recruiters face the challenges posed by a major shit in the market. The unemployment rates are low, and candidate awareness is increasing, which means the job market is being dictated by candidates, not by employers. The need to revamp recruitment techniques is now at an all-time high. What can be done to successfully hire developers and how do recruitment platforms come into this equation?


What exactly is a recruitment platform? It is a community of both candidates and businesses, and its role is to successfully connect the two in the best way possible. Such communities are created through various promotional events relevant to given demographics and companies, or organically, simply by relying on the success of such platforms. The former, however, is a more effective approach as it actively engages both sides. Companies can reach out to such organizations in order to find and hire candidates meeting their criteria. Candidates, on the other hand, can become a part of those platforms and seek jobs themselves. To complete the circle, the recruiting company itself is also able to match the two groups with one another. This makes for an extremely efficient hiring process far surpassing the results of traditional methods.

In 2018, 45% of employers face problems with filling positions in their businesses, and the issue stems from there not being enough qualified candidates to recruit. On the contrary, 40% of employees are planning on leaving their current job in exchange for a more promising, more profitable position in another company. [1] As mentioned before, the market is now candidate-driven, which means the free positions will only ever be filled, even if partially, when a skilled tech talent decides to change their workplace. At the same time, 61% of employers plan to increase the number of hired talents as compared to the previous year [2], which means.This means a drastic change is needed for companies to hire developers more easily again.


In what way are recruiters going to combat the problematic situation of the job market? Devoting resources of a company to overcome this obstacle may not be feasible for every business, but in order to stay afloat hiring is necessary. Fortunately, recruitment services are a domain of their own, and reaching out to companies specialized in those appears to present a tangible solution to successful tech talents sourcing in a candidate-driven market.


When looking to hire a coder, for example, reaching out to recruitment platforms might be the easiest, most efficient way of accomplishing this goal, and for a good reason. Such companies are build around gathering contacts to talented software developers and businesses willing to hire them. Such a platform will work slightly differently depending on a given case, but the general idea persists.


Job adverts

This position may initially appear unimpressive, but there is a big difference between job ads in newspapers and those on recruitment platforms. With a regular ad, the employer would need to rely on luck, as a potential candidate would have to stumble upon that particular advertisement. Now, where recruitment platforms shine is their ability to target very specific persons, and effectively increase the chances to hire a coder online. Thanks to the elaborate networks of both businesses and candidates, it’s an extremely efficient way of recruiting. An employer is required to list the requirements for a given position, as well as benefits and any crucial pieces of information. The candidates present on the platform that meet the aforementioned criteria can then be contacted directly to inform them about a possible hire.



Depending on the platform, this may not be the preferred way of connecting brands and developers. Based on similar premise as the previously mentioned job adverts, a dedicated mailing campaign will also only target only the desired candidates. A drawback worth mentioning in this particular case, however, is the fact that programmers being the addressees of such campaign would be required to opt-in receiving those messages. For the interested ones, nonetheless, it’s a very effective method of delivering the message from a recruitment platform.



Some recruitment platforms, like, will go the extra mile to diversify the methods of sourcing tech talents. These programming competitions create a great opportunity to find and hire developers. Organizing a hackathon with the goal of recruiting allows to easily verify the skills of each candidate before even interviewing them. This also usually means that the main prize of such hackathon, be it online or onsite, is a position in your company. is a recruitment platform specialized in connecting brands with top tech talents. Our team is determined to help your business achieve its goals, and we will assist you in sourcing developers through our platform and with creative use of hackathons and code challenges. Get in touch with us and learn what we can do for your company today!