Forget about formalities - recruit at hackathons


Jul 27, 2018

recruitment - talking about job contract

Recruiting tech talents for your company is a long process that’s necessary for your business to develop and evolve. It’s a resource-consuming activity that has a very promising alternative to. To hire developers your business needs, recruit at hackathons, and here’s why! The formal aspect of job interviews is one of the most hindering steps at finding a job, and while you, the employer, are on the mission to weed out the unfit ones, there are simply more efficient ways of sourcing new candidates. Enter hackathon recruiting.

Skip paperwork, get to the point

In the age of the constant race saving time is of utmost importance, especially for businesses. Why should you go through the formal procedure of recruiting new talents for your company when you can get straight to them in one step. Seek the best professionals for your business during hackathons. The main advantage to this solution is how naturally one can find the best candidate. People attending hackathons are the ones most interested in the subject, the ones that have no problems doing more than just the necessary set of tasks.

Your employee is your friend

It is in the best interest of your business for your employees to be in good relations with the management. You seeing a friend in them, and them seeing a friend in you, yields the best results for your company. When recruiting at hackathons a casual conversation to set a friendly tone for the rest of the process, and, hopefully, employment, will benefit both sides. All of this boils down to stress levels. In a casual environment like hackathons it is just a regular occurrence for people to talk on any and every topic, and this creates a relaxed atmosphere. Use that to your advantage and casually recruit top talents you fished out during one such event!

Be the one to push the industry forward

Contentment is stagnation, and stagnation is death in the business world. Just because one solution is tried and true doesn’t mean there’s no viable replacement. As a business owner you should be on the lookout for new technologies, new strategies, new ways to get ahead of the competition. Recruiting at hackathons is the next step forward that your company needs to take. It doesn’t matter if it’s about graphic designer, data scientist, or programmer recruitment, it can all happen at hackathons. The possibilities are endless, and the implications are extremely promising.

Hire those who are not looking for the job

One of the most revolutionary aspect of recruiting at hackathons is the fact that passive candidates are within your reach. Crowds attending hackathons are made up of all kinds of individuals, employed, unemployed, freelancers. Without much consideration it would appear only the unemployed ones are who you should target with recruitment strategies, but that’s not entirely true. The fact that a specialist in a given area is already employed and not looking for a new job does not equal you not having a better position to offer. Hackathons allow for recruiting people who would normally not seek new place of employment, giving you the chance to source even more inaccessible talents, all without the hassle of advertising job offers and interviewing tons of candidates.

Recruit online

An even more resource-effective method of sourcing new talents to your company are processes of online recruitment. Online code hackathons open even more doors in this regard, and adding this method of recruiting to your bucket will help hire a developer your company needs in no time. Quick 30 minutes to 2 hours online contests consist of toned-down versions of full fledged hackathon assignments for participants to solve. They may focus on executing just one task, like writing code based on a simple if-statement, but that is not to say the complexity of the assignment can’t be higher. After the time is up, the execution and time of completion helps assess a given developer’s skills. With knowledge of what each person is capable of it’s easy to decide which one is a viable candidate for your business.

The key to developing your business and building a bigger, stronger team, may lie in recruiting at hackathons. Holding your own event of this kind will help you attract just the right people for your business. We at ChallengeRocket are eager to help you recruit programmer, graphic designer, data scientist, hiring processes are our passion. We will also help organize a competition for your company. If you’ve never been a part of such an initiative we highly advise to get familiar with our case studies to know exactly what to expect.