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  • Location Warszawa, Poland
  • Duration 07.10.17
  • Prize pool OTHER

Challenge outline


The main purpose of the event is to promote IT among elementary and middle school students, create creative tools to improve the functioning of the school, and show professionals in various fields how IT is useful in their work, which can be exciting and enjoyable.


Up to five team members can be hired as part of a hackathon. In particular we encourage both students and teachers to participate in coding!

Their task will be to create the best application for the school. This may be a system for recording extra activities, a place to exchange interesting student articles, or whatever the team thinks fit.

Each application will be evaluated in four categories: problem resolution, user experience, graphic design, and technical potential.


The place for programming, dining, relaxation zone are provided by the organizers. The winners will receive interesting prizes and the opportunity to use their work at school.

Prizes (for each team member):

I place:

  • Polar sport watch
II place:

  • drone

III place:

  • Raspberry Pi

Also: 4Developers entrance fees, books and many more!

Additional information

For more details click the button 'I want to participate', then 'Show details'. Find out more about hackathons in our hackathon section.

Where and when?

Check out the event's date and venue

  • Where Zespół Szkół Podstawowej Nr 10 i Gimnazjum Nr 27 Ostrobramska 72 Warszawa
  • When October 7, 2017

+48 (22) 21 39 057

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