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LiveChat Hackathon

Challenge outline


During LiveChat Hackathon, your task will be to come up with the idea that will change the way people communicate over the Internet. It might be a working prototype, integration or a feature; your goal is to turn your idea into a reality. You have one day to build it and present it to the jury and other participants.

Any rules? Only one: the sky is the limit. It’s all about your creativity and imagination.


Any language that can support websocket connection (such as node.js, Go, PHP, Python, Java, or C#).


We’re looking for bright minds. If you love to experiment with new technologies, we want to offer you a dream job: playing with the newest technological toys and coming up with cool applications for them.

Sounds good? Prove yourself during the upcoming LiveChat Hackathon and win a spot in our team.

The winning team will be offered a job in LiveChat. They will also get $500 Gift Cards for each team member.

We will also reward the 2nd place with $ Gift Cards and 3rd place with $ Gift Cards.


60 years ago, we’d never thought how rapidly would technology grow. People were amazed while watching Mr. Spock communicating with others via a portable device. They were terrified watching HAL refusing to take orders from Dave. Instantaneous translation seemed to be the matter of many decades.

And today, in 2017, all these inventions are already in use. We chat with bots through smartphones, use gesture-based user interfaces, or switch to virtual reality whenever playing video games. “The future is now” sounds like a cliche, but it has never been closer to the truth. But does it mean that everything has already been discovered? Heck no!

During this LiveChat Hackathon, we will predict what trends will take over the online communication in 10 years. We want you to unleash your potential and creativity to foretell the future!

Additional information

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Where and when

Aleja Dębowa 3 Wroclaw
15 July, 2017