Megawatt Ventures




Thanks to all Participants!

  • PRIZE POOL $50,000
  • DATE Mar 04 - May 15, 2019 23:59 EST

About the challenge

Join the Megawatt Ventures - an annual cleantech business competition for university student teams. Apply until May 15, 2019 and win $50,000 to develop your solution into a successful business! 

If you are willing to create a cleantech innovation, you are invited to take part in the Megawatt Ventures. This competition is designed for student teams developing renewable, smart and energy efficiency-related technologies. The organizers of this contest will provide both funding and mentoring support to commercialize your idea. During the Final Competition and Showcase Event on July 18, 2019 in Orlando, FL you'll get a chance to win a grand prize of $50,000 granted by a panel of investors, entrepreneurs and other cleantech experts.

To join Megawatt Ventures you need to include a business model canvas and an executive summary in your application. Hurry up and prepare required documents until May 15, 2019. Apply at the official Megawatt Ventures website.

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