NULS Online Hackathon




Thanks to all Participants!

  • PRIZE POOL $500,000 in NULS prizes
  • DATE Jul 08 - Sep 20, 2019 23:59 MST

NULS Online Hackathon

About the challenge

Join the NULS Online Hackathon and create your own modules for the world's most adaptable blockchain. You don't need direct experience in that field! Register for the competition until September 20, 2019 and win up to $500,000 in NULS prizes!

The NULS blockchain platform offers fast-track business solutions for developers. It's so easy that to build your modules you don't need practicaly any blockchain background. That's why you can choose between two objectives based on the type of experience that you have:

  1. build a module realizing particular application scenarios and use ChainBox to build a new chain in minutes, load the module and test,
  2. design and implement a blockchain ecosystem extension module and use the ChainBox to build a new blockchain in minutes, load the module and test.

You can build your module using the coding language of choice, for example Java, Python, C++, JS, Golang and many more.

Would you like to try your hand in the world of blockchain? Go to the NULS Online Hackathon official website and join!

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