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Challenge outline

We want to help utilize the power of technical solutions that can solve humanitarian or social challenges. We do this by connecting aid organizations and social actors with technical talent and coders, to work on the most present problems of today.

Event description

The purpose behind OpenHack is to show people interested in programming how they can help to make a difference on both a local and global level with Open Source development as a main toolkit, as well as to show aid organizations, governmental agencies and social actors how tech-volunteers can be a vital part of their work. We aim to create a platform for collaboration, where organizations and tech-volunteers can meet and exchange both ideas and knowledge.

More about event

During the hackathon participants will work in teams to solve humanitarian and social challenges provided by our case contributors. Through out the hackathon, all teams will be offered to present their work-in-progress in front of Open Source project representatives, field experts and technical coaches to get feedback and to fuel new ideas.

On Sunday afternoon, the hackathon will end with a prize ceremony where teams may present their final work for a jury consisting of representatives from Open Source projects, field experts, corporate sponsors and organizers. Categories will consider factors such as innovativeness, complexity, potential and quality of the contributions and ideas developed. Prizes will partly be extrinsic with offers for further development plans through incubators, tools to keep the project running, symbolic rewards in form of goods and offerings, as well as public credit and recognition in the spirit of Open Source.

Additional Information

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Where and when

Malmö/Lund, Sweden