React Riot




Thanks to all Participants!

  • DATE Jun 23 - 24, 2017 21:59 UTC


React Riot

Challenge outline


React Riot is an online hackathon. Teams of up to 4 people compete over a 48 hour period to build the best app they can, using React JS. After you submit the app, it'll be critiqued by one of our expert judges. The best apps win prizes, glory and most importantly, respect!

The competition starts June 24rd 0:00:00 UTC. PLEASE make sure to covert this to your local timezone. For example, if you are located in San Francisco CA, it will begin June rd at 5pm PST.

It ends exactly 48 hours later.There is no specific topic or theme. You are welcome to create any type of application that you’d like!

React Riot is completely free! This is just a fun event for everyone to learn more about React and it doesn't cost anything at all to participate.

Hopefully you won’t need a backend since you only have 48 hours, but if you do you’re welcome to use any service that offers a free tier. We will need access to this for auditing purposes. For example, PubNub, Firebase, 3rd party app, Heroku, AWS etc   To keep it fair please do not use any paid service. If you are looking for a paid service let us know and we can reach out to the company for potential free service sponsorship for you.

Also, please make sure all the backend code that you write for the competition is also in the repository we provide for you. That way we can make sure the code written during the competition matches what's deployed.

Additional information

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