PAVE 2019 Student Design Competition




Thanks to all Participants!

  • PRIZE POOL $17,500
  • DATE Jun 18 - Nov 07, 2019 23:59 CDT

PAVE 2019 Student Design Competition

About the challenge

To all college-level students involved in retail planning, design, visual merchandising, and branding programs! Bank of America has a challenge for you! Create the ideal university on-campus free standing pop-up banking experience for students and have a chance to win prizes with a total pool of $17,500! Register until November 7, 2019.

Students interested in retail planning, visual merchandising, interior design and branding are encouraged to participate in creating a dynamic design space for the Bank of America. Participats will show their skils and ideas to innovate, redesign, and reinvent an actual retail design space. You can join as an individual or as a team of two. Judges will consider: design concept, space solution, architectural design, branding, and quality of your presentation. In addition to the cash prizes, the winners will receive an invitation for the 2019 PAVE Gala on December 4, 2019, in New York City! Are you ready to take on this challenge?

For more information please visit the PAVE Student Design Competition official website. Good luck!

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