The PAD Rent Revolution Hackathon




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The PAD Rent Revolution Hackathon

Challenge outline


FUTURE : PropTech is well established as the leading & most well attended event dedicated to technology innovation occurring in the wider Property / Real Estate sector.

As part of the FUTURE there will be a PropTech conference taking place on Thursday 4th May 2017, we will be running a PropTech themed hackathon. Powered by PAD, the rental club for a new generation of city dwellers, our hackathon will aim to solve some of the biggest and most frustrating problems faced by renters.

There is no denying that the rental process is broken. Whether it's small annoyances like booking a viewing, finding the right house mates, unreliable WiFi in your flat or major issues like finding a decent & affordable house or dealing with a crappy landlord. Most renters can relate to these issues.

So join us for a Rent Revolution as we bring together 50+ software coders, ux designers, property industry professionals and regular renters to create new solutions that can help us to fix the broken rental process.

To join the hackathon, we invite you to Vent about your rent ! Tell us what you find frustrating about the rental process.
Once registered, we will contact you to confirm how you can join us on 3rd & 4th May to form teams, collaborate and create new solutions to solve these issues.


  • £500 Cash
  • Google Home
  • LG 45" TV
  • 1 Year subscription to Wired magazine
  • £300 worth of Amazon Web Services
  • Apple Watch
  • Nespresso Essenze Mi magimix coffee machine
  • Casper Mattress
  • Made Desk

Additional information

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Where and when

London The United Kingdom
4 May, 2017