The Space Robotics Challenge
Phase 2



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  • PRIZE POOL $1,000,000
  • DATE Aug 12 - Dec 20, 2019 17:00 CDT

The Space Robotics Challenge Phase 2

Challenge overview

Join The Space Robotics Challenge Phase 2 and develop a software which allows a virtual robotic team to act autonomously and successfully accomplish given tasks. Submit the registration form by December 20, 2019 and you'll have the chance to win cash prizes out of a total prize pool of $ 1,000,000!

Help NASA to make further steps in supporting human exploration of the solar system! How? People will start to travel in space more often. In order to have a proper existance there, they need things such as oxygen, water, food, clothes, etc. All this must be provided to them. Your task is to program robots that will successfully accomplish these tasks!

Would you like to revolutionize the robotic world? Go to The Space Robotics Challenge Phase 2 website, get familiar with all of the registration steps and submit your application form!

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