Vascular Tissue Challenge




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  • PRIZE POOL $500,000
  • DATE Jan 01 - Sep 30, 2019 23:59 AEST

Vascular Tissue Challenge

About the challenge

Join other amazing scientists in the Vascular Tissue Challenge and create solutions for advanced research on human physiology. Register for the contest until September 30, 2019 and win $500,000!

Vascular Tissue Challenge offers a $500,000 prize for participants who will create thick, human vascularized organ tissue in an in-vitro environment while maintaining metabolic functionality similar to their in vivo native cells throughout a 30-day survival period. The solutions that will be created in this competition will help in advanced researches on human physiology, fundamental space biology, and medicine both on the Earth and the ISS National Laboratory. Specifically, these innovations may allow the growth of de novo tissues and organs on an orbit which may address the risks related to traumatic injuries, improve general crew health, and enhance crew performance on future, long-duration missions.

Do you have an idea on how to impress the judges and grab the main prize? Register your team on the official Vascular Tissue Challenge website until September 30, 2019!

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