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  • Guide for beginners - hackathon


    Software development is undoubtedly the profession of tomorrow that’s making an impact today. Computers, internet, smartphones, all play a big role in everything we do, and programmers are behind those goods. You dream of coming up with the next big thing but don’t really know where to start? Why don’t you try hackathons? Let’s take you step-by-step and explain the idea of hackathon for beginners.

  • Bankowość przyszłości to innowacje, które zupełnie zmienią świat finansów osobistych


    Według szacunków NBP tzw. „poziom ubankowienia” Polaków wynosi obecnie około 83%. Oznacza to, że zdecydowana większość z nas korzysta z różnych usług bankowych. Część z nich wkrótce zmieni się nie do poznania.

  • Stop looking for a job, it will find you at a hackathon!

    teamwork, programming, hackathon

    Are you just about to step into the final year of engineering after a relaxing summer break? Thinking about what's next to graduation? Or are you a computer science graduate striving for establishing yourself in this fierce tech-competition?

  • The Evolution of the Sharing Economy

    sharing economy illustration

    We’ve all been there, running late on the first day of your vacation, you just miss the bus and your plane is leaving soon. You need to get to the airport so you pull out your phone and use a car-sharing app to save the day. After you arrive it turns out there was a mixup with your reservation and they have you booked for next month. You need a place to stay so you search the web for house sharing websites and find the perfect place for your stay. Whether it is car-sharing or house-sharing or buying and selling on C2C marketplaces, these services are part of what is known as the “sharing economy.”

  • Playing fair at hackathons

    Hackathons and idea challenges, at their roots, are competitions like any other. At the end of the day you participate to win, to be recognized, to grab the main prize. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the competitive mindset and start playing too hard. The importance of fair play at hackathons cannot be overstated.

  • How many programming languages are there, exactly?

    laptop with code, programming languages

    Programming, the mysterious craft that we all have heard about at some point, know that a lot of people do it, but not all have asked themselves the question how it’s actually done. Programming languages, the syntax of instructions for your computer to execute. When you hear about “programming”, what is being referred to is writing sets of those instructions in order to build a complete piece of software.

  • Is AI in healthcare the revolutionary step we need?

    AI and new technologies in healthcare

    Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning techniques are now making an impact on many industries. We’ve seen vast improvements in translation applications, search recommendations, and speech recognition software. However, we’ve yet to tap the full potential of AI in healthcare. There is no question about whether the latest machine learning methods can be used to improve our health. The question is how much, and what will be the earliest wide-spread uses?

  • Top 6 most intelligent drones to blow your mind

    SIGMA AI DRONE from NVIDIA® Jetson™ Developer Challenge

    There’s no denying that those who were 10 year old boys 10 to 20 years ago, those who loved playing with RC cars they were gifted for birthdays, are largely the same people that drool over the new drones. Both are remotely controlled, both are battery powered, but the similarities end here. While RC cars can definitely be expensive, for drones the hefty price tag is just a feature. Owning one is a risky investment, because your monthly check can disappear just like your newly-bought toy does in the bushes when its propellers shatter after unexpected impact with an oak tree. It doesn’t matter how good of a pilot you are, we all make mistakes, but your seldom unpredictable clumsiness can become a non-issue thanks to intelligent drones.

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