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  • Location Cracow, Poland
  • Duration 28.10.16-29.10.16
  • Prize pool 80 700ZL

Challenge outline

Do you know the famous applications such as Spontime or Polish Tinder for events - Spontap? Come and listen to the famous founder of Electronic Arts - Jeff Burton, who will talk about his first steps in Silicon Valley, then join our all-night Hackathon!

Are you afraid that you have lack of competence or have no idea what kind of app can you create? There's nothing to worry about! Our mentors and the debate should help in inventing or verify your idea. The best team will be invited to the acceleration program which helps you to refine your business model!

We gladly welcome: programmers, developers,  graphic designers, IT geeks and all those who want to learn how to code!

Contest categories

Do you want to affect our daily lives? Do you want to create an applications that facilitate spontaneous output for concerts and other cultural events? Do you know EventList application which helps you to find the finest music evets in Poland? Come and share with us your idea! Complete Proof of Concept, win participation in the acceleration program, create MVP and develop your business idea! Maybe your startup will be one in a million unicorne! Don't wait any longer and click "I want to participate" button!

FutureBox – Productivity
Do you know Slack or Trello? Or maybe you prefer classic hipchat? If you have an idea for another solution which increase productivity, come to our Hackathon! Your idea has chance to change the attitude of corporations and transform the classical methods of production of goods. You can change the world so don't wait until someone realize your idea, sign up today!


Vadem Melnyk - Ceo Cervi Robotics
Piotr Kolawa - DreamLab
Marcin Wadoń - Microsoft Student Partner
Marcin Zajkowski - CEO Sicc
Eryk Zimończyk - DreamLab
Mikołaj Bartoszek - Junior Leader
Wojciech Stańczewski - Junior Leader
Natalia Dąbrowska - Microsoft Student Partner    
Karol Cichoń - Microsoft Student Partner
Małgorzata Olak - Microsoft Student Partner
Jakub Różycki - Microsoft Student Partner      
Bartosz Kowalski - Junior Leader
Olaf Garleja - Microsoft Student Partner
Krzysztof Mierzejewski - Microsoft Student Partner

Reasons to compete

  • Event full of inspirations, hacking and brainstorming,
  • Inspiring session about working in Silicon Walley,
  • Chance to meet interesting people,
  • Valuable awards,
  • Good food,
  • Great fun and new development opportunities!

Judging criteria

  • creativity, originality, and “wow” factor of the idea,
  • design aesthetics and usability,
  • adherence to contest topic (does your solution address a problem),
  • social impact (can you solution make a real change),
  • market readiness level (is it free of obvious bugs),
  • business potential.

Organizational details

This event is free to attend. This is invitation-only event with limited number of seats. Just remember to bring your laprop and positive attitude! You are also fully entitled to all source code you write during the hackathon, we do not claim any right to it.

Find out more about hackathons in our hackathon section.


Check what's at stake!

  1. 1st Prize

    1. Acceleration program
    2. Three DevKits
    4. Gadgets Varianto:25
    5. Books from the publishing house Helion
  2. 2nd Prize

    1. Two DevKits
    2. One year license SCIRRA, JETBRAINS, POSTSHARP
    3. Books from the publishing house Helion
  3. 3rd Prize

    1. Gadgets Varianto:25
  1. Special awards

    1. One month license HotJar and GitHub Premium
    2. Free rides UBER

Where and when?

Check out the event's date and venue

  • Where ul. Podole 60, Cracow
  • When 28th-29th Oct, 2016
  • Duration 17:00-19:00


Check details and do everything on time!

Listen to the experts' speeches, take part in the debate, create an unique project and win valuable prizes!

  1. 4pm


  2. 5pm


    Debate about culture and business cooperation with participation of the speakers:

    Piotr Przewrocki – CEO, QBN Fund
    Marek Ostafil – Head of the Audit Committee of the Polish Association of Fundraising, CEO Cyberus Labs
    Tomasz Florczak – CTO
    Roman Warkocz – "Ogrody Przedsiębiorczości"
    The debate will be moderated by Bartłomiej Świstak - Piotrowski president of the Foundation "Kraków Miastem Startupów".

  3. 5.45pm

    Coffee break

  4. 6pm

    Jeff Burton

    His lecture on the Silicon Valley will certainly be an inspiration for all participants. If you're a fan of new technologies, you can't miss it!

  5. 7pm

    Hackathon begins

    Teamworking with mentors support.

  6. 9pm


  7. 9.30pm

    Teamworking with mentors support

  1. 2am


  2. 3am

    Teamworking with mentors support

  3. 12pm


  4. 1pm

    Teamworking with mentors support

  5. 3.30pm


  6. 5pm

    Networking + Jury session

  7. 5.30pm

    Award & Closing ceremony

Please be advised this schedule may be subject to change.

Reasons to participate

These are just some of hackathon’s benefits

  • The event full of inspiration, hacking, brainstorming,
  • Inspiring expert session,
  • Chance to meet interesting and like-minded people,
  • Valuable prizes,
  • Good fun and new opportunities!



Honorary Patronage

  • Jacek Krupa Marszałek Województwa Małopolskiego


  • NextTry

Strategic Partners

  • Helion
  • Uber
  • BusinessLink
  • Hotjar
  • Microsoft
  • Brand 24


  • Varianto:25
  • Teatr Groteska
  • Teatr Variete

Founders Award

  • JetBrains
  • Scirra

Substantive Partners

  • Hussars Software

Technology Partners

  • Fritz

Media Partners

  • Crossweb
  • Spotkania-IT
  • StartUpTV
  • Gazeta Bankowa
  • IRSI
  • Linux Magazine
  • Dziennik Internautów
  • KarieraPlus
  • Magazyn Programista
  • eBiznesOnline
  • kampaniespoł
  • Portal medialny

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