6 Easy Ways to become a developer which is better and more impressive!


Feb 26, 2017

men working with laptop

If you've ever wondered how to be a better software developer look no further. Apply those and become a better version of yourself.

1. Try to become a morning person

It may be controversial piece of advice. A lot of great developers think they are the most productive at night. It's when nothing distract them from writing code. But have you ever actually tried to become an early bird? A lot of studies show that those who get up early feel more optimistic and are more active during the day as compared to those sleeping in. Maybe it's something that could work for you as well!

2. Learn fundamentals of functional language

Do it even if you do not plan to actually use functional programming on everyday basis. It will teach you new ways to think. Learning functional programming is an opportunity to discover completely new way of approaching problems because functional programming languages work differently. Rather than performing actions in a sequence, they evaluate expressions. Many of functional programming techniques are employed in new mainstream languages (google functional java, functional python or functional perl). Every game developer should try this. In a creative job like this one finding ways to think outside of the box is crucial. Learning functional concepts could be a great time investment!

What are the best languages for getting into functional programming? Consider Haskell, Scheme, F#, Clojure or Scala!

3. Posture affects your code quality!

Software developer job require us to spend a lot of time at desks. Knowing how to sit and stand with good posture is critically important to your health. Fix your posture if you find yourself slumping in your chair. Does we remind you mum giving you advices about sitting up straighter? Sorry, but we're afraid she was right! Sitting up straight makes you happier and more productive! It also has long-reaching implications on our mood and happiness. This is the science of posture!

4. Attend Hackathons to learn from others and meet mentors

As a rule you can learn something from anybody. But you can learn a whole more from someone more experienced in a topic. Meet mentors and other like-minded developers at Hack events in your area. It's also an amazing opportunity to get your hands on new technologies, experiment and break things! You can find some onsite and online Hackathons at challengeRocket.com

5. Take responsibility

Check your code first before looking to blame others and take responsibility for your mistakes, schedule and commitments. This is what professional software developers do. Do not pass those things on others.

6. Be sociable person

That will make you happier person. And good programming is not born from mere technical competence. It's a product of happy individual! One practical advice to be more sociable person is to keep your mobile in your pocket when you're engaging another person in conversation (unless you're talking about your new iOS or Android app). 

Do you agree with the tips above? Let us know!