How you can gain from online challenges?


Feb 22, 2018

man working on laptop in the bar

Do you ever wonder how you could do something more, but don’t necessarily want to move from the comfortable 4 walls of your office? Look no further, because the solution is already here. Enter online coding challenges.

If you’re a software developer you must have heard of hackathons, but if you somehow missed that, here’s a definition of one according to “CSR Hackathons - How to effectively engage stakeholders in the joint creation of ideas and solutions?”, an ebook by

A hackathon is a competition, a design marathon, where programmers, graphic designers, project managers, marketing specialists and other creative people work together to come up with innovative ideas relevant to a particular issue.

Organizers of these events reap the rewards in the form of numerous solutions to their problems, and they then get the chance to meet the originators in person. Apart from competing for attractive prizes, hackathon participants are presented with opportunities to make new contacts, extend their knowledge and engage further in the development of the project.

Now, if you take this idea, and eliminate the “in-person” element of hackathons you end up with an online competition.

So what possibilities do these challenges bring to the table?

No matter if you take part in one on your own or because your company decided to pick up the glove, there’s a lot you will learn. These challenges often require an out-of-the-box style of thinking as you’re not dealing with your usual tasks typical of your job. Like with every time-limited project, in this case improvisation is crucial for problem-solving. In short, broadening your skill set and experience is guaranteed.

Networking! Despite the fact you won’t actually be sitting around in a hangar full of programmers, you will still be in constant contact with other participants. Most obviously they might give you a helping hand, but don’t think for even a second these interactions end here. It’s almost guaranteed that you encounter a few like-minded people, so seize the opportunity! You can never expect that, but these people can also turn out to be your next business partners and even friends.

As silly as it sounds, you might actually have some fun taking part in such a challenge. Since you decided to sign up for it there’s something inside that tells you this is going to be a good ride, and you should definitely jump on board. Sure, another responsibility added to your tight schedule does sound exhausting, but we do all sorts of things when we’re passionate about something. Express yourself, do it your own way.

And lastly, it’s all about winning. Let’s not fool ourselves, that is the main reason you would want to participate in online coding challenges. All the benefits I have just mentioned still hold true, but nothing drives you more than the possibility to grab that tempting prize! It can be cash, it can be gadgets, it might even be a contract with a global tech leader, you never know, but whatever it is, you’re have to be the one to get it!

You can do it for fun, for cash, or to gain some experience, but no matter the reason, there’s bound to be something in it for you. Sounds exciting, where do I sign up? Funny you should ask, we’ve got you covered. Check out our list of challenges and choose one that suits you!