9 Most significant IT events which you can’t miss in December 2018


Nov 28, 2018


Don’t you know where to find new experiences and IT knowledge? ChallengeRocket has a solution! We recommend you events that will take place throughout the world during December 2018. In this article, you can find the most important information about hackathons and conferences in USA, UK, Hungary and many other countries. If you are curious about a particular event or have doubts about how much you must pay to participate in it, or if you simply want to know about the topics that will be discussed - Follow us!


Let’s start with hackathons! We’ve prepared for you 3 proposals in 3 different countries where you can join for free.

30.11-02.12 - MKB FintechLab Hackathon (Budapest, Hungary)

Source: https://fintechlab.hu/hackathon/

MKB FintechLab Hackathon covers topics such as Fintech, Banking, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Developers, designers, industry experts and business people will meet on Nov 30 - Dec 2 in Budapest to test the APIs available by MKB Bank and its partners. The main prize is an incubation program (including €25,000 equity investment).

30.11-02.12 - DV [HACKS] AI (California, USA)

What’s next? During the DV Hacks AI event, you will find artificial intelligence, micro-emotional intelligence, voice and image intelligence, personalization and much more! It will take place on Nov 30 - Dec 2 in California.

The first edition of the event was about Blockchain, the second about the Future of Mobility and this is the third year. Great innovations in Artificial Intelligence want to be invented by you! Gather your best team and join DV Hacks AI to expand the boundaries of how we interact with machines and how they interact with us. Prize pool: $ 20,000!

15-16.12 - Hackference (Bengaluru, India)

The last hackathon that we found quite interesting is Hackference, which combines hacking and a networking platform. Let's explain, you can participate in both: DevRelCon, where developers will share their knowledge and experiences, and the onsite Hackathon, where participants will get involved in collaborative computer programming. In addition, you have the chance to win incubation support! Unusual, huh?

Now, let’s continue with the conferences.


Hungry for new knowledge? Don’t be anymore! You can take part in conferences in Warsaw, Munich, London or even New York! Which city do you prefer? Check this list of the most interesting IT conferences which are happening in December 2018!

3-4.12 - IGNITION 2018 (NYC, USA)

Source: https://www.brandchannel.com/2015/12/10/ignition-conference-121015/

Let’s start with Ignition on Dec 3-4 in the USA. It’s quite an expensive event (2,996-3,995 USD), but it’s worth it. If you are interested in media and technology, join this conference and explore the implications of the industry shifts for business, society, and culture. 

5-6.12 - FinTechConnect (London, UK)

FinTechConnect covers such interesting topics as Paytech&Cashless society, startup growth and so on. Taking part in this conference you are a witness how large teams from major banks make their buying decisions in order to change the sector and arrange it more innovative. By participating in this conference, you will witness how large teams of major banks make their purchasing decisions to change the sector and organize it in a more innovative way.

7.12 - Code Beam Lite (Munich, Germany)

What about Germany? Code Beam Lite will take place in Munich on Dec 7. You can get a ticket for 50, 109 or 129 EUR and be in touch with Erlang and Elixir ecosystems.

To finish, we have some information about events in Poland. Let’s take a quick look at these three events.

30.11-01.12 - Future Dev Day 2018 (Gliwice, Poland)

Are you interested in ASP.NET, Docker, Big Data or Angular 2.0? Cool facts about the latest technologies, platforms, and techniques for creating programs are waiting for you during FutureDevDay 2018 in Gliwice on Nov 30 - Dec 1.

8.12, 15.12 - Kariera IT (Gdańsk, Kraków, Poland)

How do you feel about job fairs? Career IT is one of most popular and recognizable IT job fairs in Poland, and you can join them this year in Gdańsk and Kraków. It is made for programmers, testers, administrators, analysts, consultants, and students of the last years of study, who are looking for new challenges at work.

12.12 - WarsawJS (Warsaw, Poland)

Source: https://softwareplant.com/warsawjs-meetup-workshop/

Would you like to meet with other people and to talk about Javascript? Then you should pay attention to the WarsawJS event. Every month in Warsaw you can join workshops with JavaScript enthusiasts from the WarsawJS community, for free! Have fun sharing skills and knowledge with other people.

Would you like to know more? Check out upcoming hackathons and be surprised with the amount of different challenges like onsite and code hackathons!