Nordea Java Challenge Medium




Thanks to all Participants!

  • PRIZE POOL PLN 15,000
  • DATE Apr 11 - Jul 11, 2019 23:59 CEST

Nordea Java Challenge



The results of the first Nordea Java Challenge were published yesterday. We couldn’t be more excited to announce the winners! Check the Leaderboard tab to find out who did best. Congratulations to all participants!

In case you have any questions regarding the results, you can contact us at



Last chance to win prizes! There are only 3 days left to take the Challenge. How?

1. Log in to your ChallengeRocket account.

2. Go to

4. Click 'Start' button and... good luck! From that moment you have max 2 h for solving tasks. Remember that you have only one attempt to solve the test and you cannot go back to tasks after it has been completed.

There is nothing to wait for any longer, and the stakes are high! Give it a try and take your chance to win, the prizes are waiting!



Less than a month separates us from the end of the Nordea Java Challenge! A lot of Java Vikings are already competing for the prizes (cash with a total pool of PLN 15,000 and interesting work opportunities in Warsaw or 3City) - are you one of them? We want to remind you all a few rules:

  • You have only one chance to solve the test.
  • You must take it in one go, so you are advised to do it only if you have 2h free.
  • If you leave the test in between, the timer will continue to run in the background and after 2h you won’t be able to take the test again.

Keep those in mind and don’t hesitate to solve the tasks. Good luck!



The first month of the Nordea Java Challenge is behind us! Have you already solved the coding tasks or are you still getting ready for it? You have two more months to join the challenge and get a chance to win cash prizes worth PLN 15,000 and interesting work opportunities. Good luck!


Hi! Do you want to stay updated about this Challenge? Visit our website regularly to see the latest news published by the Organizers. Registered participants will also be informed via email.