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NVIDIA® Jetson™ Developer Challenge


JETSONAR Smart Security System

Project description

JETSONAR Smart Security System is inspired by Jetson TX1 as small, power-efficient design and with great machine learning problem solving capacity. Our main intention was to create a simple as hardware powerful tool with wide application.

JETSONAR is artificial intelligence system that uses combination of passive sonar grids paradigm and Deep Learning that detects and recognizes different noise types and their locations in real time.

Passive sonar is an acronym for a technique that uses sound propagation and high frequency microphones to detect objects on or under the surface of the water, such as other vessels. Similar concept can be used to record and analyse various noises around buildings. The idea is to place around and inside the building multiple high frequency microphones. These microphones form a grid system as shown on Diagram 1 on p.2 in the attached Whitepaper with which we can determine the position of the sound initiator. We can determine the intensity of the sound for every microphone of the system with which we can calculate the distance and with this information to triangulate and get the approximate position of the sound source.The data flow diagram of the ready system could be presented as on Diagram 3 on p.5 in the attached Whitepaper.

The Prototype managed to get approximately 80% accuracy on test and validation data. The system is based on the „keep it simple“ concept and for the prototype is used a configuration of standard Jetson TX1 unit, standard UPS unit like Eaton or APC, standard microphone and couple of loudspeakers and a nice pc case with lock. Hardware diagram of JETSONAR project is shown on Diagram 2 on p.5 in the attached Whitepaper.

JETSONAR have the potential beyond smart security system as JETSONAR can be deployed in home and business security, civil security, public order, military, law enforcement and protection of the environment and research and examples of JETSONAR use cases are shown in Table 1 on p.10 of the Whitepaper. In addition the system is compatible with third-party hardware and software.

JETSONAR Smart Security System aims to have a wide impact wherever there is noise. And the noises are everywhere around us.