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Project description

Hello my name is Surk Park from South Korea and I am here to tell you about my project called Narcissus.

As you may of guessed, this project is a smart mirror. 

I currently work with Watson API which consists of 8 separate cognitive APIs that focus on

language. I want to create a test application that uses language but also mixes in visual

recognition and voice control.

There are three main technologies used in my project

  • Korean speech recognition using Google’s speech API
  • Thirty separate voice controlled dialogues. For example “Show me the map”(narcissus pulls up google maps) or “ Show me music, The Beatles” (Narcissus pulls up youtube videos of the Beatles)
  • Lastly the personal assistant displays weather, time, schedule and other selected important information

I will tell you the mirror’s architecture: it consists of a frame, 2-way mirror and a monitor you can see the

hardware inside the mirror. This currently consists of a Raspberry pi 3 mini-computer but I have changed to a

Nvidia Jetson TX2 to test deep-learning technology.

In addition, I’ll briefly explain the software architecture of the mirror. The mirror will utilize a Linux OS, Node.js

application framework and Evan Cohan’s open-source smart mirror modules.

On top of the open-source base, the mirror will use four main additional technologies.

  • First, it will use SEGAN(Speech Enhancement GAN) as a noise cancellation module.
  • Second, the mirror will use google’s STT (Though Watson STT options).
  • Once this stage is complete, the mirror will utilize Snowboy’s wakeup function.
  • Lastly, the dialogue will be handled by Watson API

The smart-mirror will also display several well-known external APIs such as YouTube.

This is a test application, but if successful, the potential uses are many including:

  • Hotel room personal concierge
  • personalized home mirrors
  • Personal health
  • Digital signage
  • Home security
  • and...home cloud storage