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Rockwell Automation C++ Challenge

Unleash your superpower programming skills, complete code tasks and let yourself be discovered. If you're passionate about C++ and love challenges, we are waiting for you until Feb 21, 2019!

The age of The Connected Enterprise is growing by leaps and bounds and we want to form a part of it. Living in a more productive and sustainable world is our vision, and we are looking for the brightest talent and the best creative ideas to make it happen. Join the challenge and be the part of Industry 4.0 change with Rockwell Automation. Are you ready for it?

Why is it worth to join in?

  • you will test your C++/C skills,
  • you will compete with others and have an opportunity to become the best of the best,
  • you will have a chance to win awesome prizes,
  • your talent will be discovered by Rockwell Automation and together you will create the future of the industry!

Check out the Prizes section for details.

Rockwell Automation Challenge - explore the idea behind it!

Code challenge is an online competition which includes some test and coding tasks (you will solve a given problem by writing a code directly on ChallengeRocket platform). This time it’s all about C++ and C. You will be able to solve the Rockwell Automation Challenge only by using these two languages.

To start the test click ‘I want to participate’ button and fill in the registration form. After logging in you will see ‘Start test’ button, by clicking it you can start solving the tasks we’ve prepared for you. Don’t worry! You can take the test anytime you want between Dec 21 and Feb 21.

And remember what’s the most important thing here... having fun! Can’t wait to begin? Click ‘I want to participate’ button and get started!

Ready to start? Join us in 3 easy steps

Step 1. Create account

Step 2. Apply for the challenge!

Step 3. Take the code challenge and be the best!

Interested in developing creative and innovative solutions for the industries? Join Rockwell Automation and build up your career at!


Check what's at stake!

  1. First place PLN 10.000

    Cash prize (gross)

  2. Second place PLN 4.000

    Cash prize (gross)

  3. Third place PLN 3.000

    Cash prize (gross)

How to take part in the first Rockwell Automation Challenge?

  1. The Challenge begins on Dec 21, 2018. To join in click "I want to participate" button and create your ChallengeRocket account.
  2. Rockwell Automation Challenge will last for 2 months (Dec 21,2018 - Feb 21, 2019). The next step is filling out the short application form.
  3. Time to solve the tasks! You can take the code challenge anytime between Dec, 21 and Feb, 21. Remember that you have only one chance to solve the challenge.
  4. Become the best and win prizes! The Organizer will announce the Winners on Feb 25, 2019. Stay updated!

Reasons to participate in this Challenge

These are just some of the benefits!

  • 01 Reason

    Challenge yourself and verify your C++/C programming skills!

  • 02 Reason

    Let Rockwell Automation get to know you and get discovered!

  • 03 Reason

    Enrich your experience background with this unique code challenge!

  • 04 Reason

    Win amazing prizes!

  • 05 Reason

    Contribute in the innovative construction of the future of manufacturing with Rockwell Automation!

Your Future at Rockwell Automation

What kind of future are you looking for? Learn more about Rockwell Automation. We are looking for the brightest talent and the best creative ideas.

Take a moment to look - see if this is a place that welcomes who you are and what you do, with enough challenge to keep you energized and enough reward to make you feel valued for your unique contributions. You have a life.

Now, you can have an engineering career that fulfills your dreams.

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