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Wizja Rozwoju


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Smart City Hackathon Wizja Rozwoju



Project description

Imagine Yourself as a person who is chronically ill, with mobility problems, or you just have an extremely strong allergic reaction right now. A simple act like a regular visit to a local pharmacy seems to you to be an expedition, often extremely difficult to travel. In this situation, our application comes to help. Our goal was to help people who really need help in enjoying the benefits of living in a big city.

Pharmago allows you to easily order the most needed medications for you at the moment as soon as possible, as cheaply as possible. It connects regional couriers, often people who just want to earn extra money, such as students with people in need, fulfilling the needs of both groups.

Pharmago allows you to order medicines of your choice, pay for everything online, track the progress of the order, track the location of the courier and notify You about expected delivery time.

The application was built using the following languages and frameworks:

  • JS
  • HTML5
  • Cordova
  • Google Maps API
  • .Net Core 2.1
  • Entity Framework 6