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Anita's Moonshot Codeathon


Terms and Conditions of the „Anita's Moonshot Codeathon"

§ 1 [preliminary provisions]

1. These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “Terms and Conditions”) specify the rules and the course of the „Anita's Moonshot Codeathon” contest (hereinafter referred to as “Contest”), organized by Anita Borg Institute, 1501 Page Mill, Road Mailstop 1105, 94304 Palo Alto CA USA; (hereinafter referred to as “Organizer”). 
2. Systers is sponsoring the Contest.
3. The Contest starts on 1st December 2017 and ends on 1st March 2018.
4. Participation in the Contest is only possible after agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.

§ 2 [the terms of participations]

1. The Contest is open for:
Women and people who identify as woman who:
a) are at least 18 years of age,
b) are in full legal capacity to act,
c) have read the Terms and Conditions and agreed to them during their application
2. The participation in the Contest is free of charge and voluntary.
3. The participants:
a) undertake to adhere to the Terms and Conditions;
b) declare that presented projects were created without the assistance, that the Participants are their exclusive authors and that they possess all legal rights to the projects, including copyrights;
c) guarantee that their projects will adhere to the generally accepted ethical standards and will not contain any criminal content, including racism, eroticism or brutality;
d) guarantee that their projects will not infringe the generally applicable law or violate any personal rights or economic rights of other people, or any third party’s intellectual property rights.

§ 3 [rules of the contest]

1. To enter the Contest, it is necessary to fill in the application form on the official website of the event and submit it:
2. Participants apply to challenge as a individual or a team up to five persons.
3. Each member of a Team is treated as the Contestant (hereinafter referred to as Contestant”). Each Contestant is obliged to submit a separate application, indicating the name of her Team.
4. The prizes and distinctions mentioned in the Terms and Conditions shall be awarded to the Contestants, who, conforming to the Terms and Conditions the schedule, will present project evaluated best by the Judges, in accordance with criteria listed in w § 5 item 2 of the Terms and Conditions.
8. The projects should be relevant to the Contest’s main themes.
9. The Contest starts on 1st December 2017 and closes on 1st March 2018.
10. The Contest shall progress in line with the schedule at the event website:
11. The Teams shall submit their projects in the form of PowerPoint presentation, short video or another file updated on the registration form until 1st March 2018.
12. In case of a Contestant’s or a Team’s violation of the Terms and Conditions or the generally applicable law, the Organizer reserves the right to disqualify such Contestant or Team.

§ 4 [submission criteria]

1.The Submission for the challenge must be related with challenges within terms and conditions.
2.Submissions must be original, the work of the Participants, and must not infringe, misappropriate or otherwise violate any IP (intellectual property) rights, proprietary rights, privacy rights, moral rights or any other rights of any person or entity. Any case of plagiarism may result in disqualification of Participant from the contest. (Participants may contract with a third party at their will to assist with the creation of their Submission, provided the Participant is the sole owner of all intellectual property and licenses in the Submission).
3.Submissions must contain text description and must depict and describe created project. Code and other assets must only be submitted on the ChallengeRocket platform:
4.Submissions must be in English.
5.Submissions may be newly created or pre-existing products modified to meet the content and requirements of this Challenge.
6.Submissions must comply with all content guidelines applicable to AnitaB.org7.If the Organizer, the Administrator or the Judges, in their discretion, find any Submission to be unacceptable, then such Submission shall be deemed disqualified. In particular Submissions will not be accepted and may be disqualified by the Organizer or Administrator if they:
a) are illegal
b) are offensive or derogatory towards any specific race, ethnic group or culture;
c) are offensive or derogatory towards Organizer or Administrator
d) might adversely affect the reputation and goodwill of the Organizer or Administrator
e) reflects negatively on Organizer, casts Organizer in a false, derogatory or negative light
f) depict hatred
g) contain pornography or depict sexual activity
h) contain obscene language
i) incite violence
j) are not in a good taste
k) demonstrates a lack of respect for public morals or conduct
8. Proof of submission of an Challenge Entry is not proof of delivery or receipt of that Entry by Organizer.
9. If there is a dispute regarding an Entry, or the identity of a Participant, the Entry at issue will be deemed by Administrator to have been made by the natural person who is the authorized account holder assigned by an Internet access provider to the email address associated with the Entry, and that person must comply with these Official Rules. Participants may be required to show proof of being the authorized account holder.
10. Use of a false email account will disqualify an Entry.

§ 5 [prizes]

1. The projects shall be evaluated by the following Judges: TBA
2. The projects shall be evaluated according to the following criteria:
a) Creativity
b) Quality 
c) Impact
d) Diversity
3. The organizer provides the following prizes for the winning Teams:
a) Grand Prize WInners, Prize: Full Scholarships to Grace Hopper Celebration 2018, Monetary Value: $10,500 USD for an international team of 5 members, Details: Accommodation, Registration, and Travel Expenses all paid.
b) Community Campaigner Award: Prize: Computer Lab brought to a local high school or library, Monetary Value: $6,000 USD for 30 Raspberry-Pi 3 built computer stations, Details: Raspberry Pi-based computer lab including monitors, keyboards, mice, and any hardware needed.
c) Inspiring Innovator Award: Prize: Virtual Reality Development Kits, Monetary Value: $3,000 USD for a team of 5 members, Details: Oculus Rift and Touch Virtual Reality System bundle.
d) Systers Choice Award (Public Vote): Prize: Tickets to Grace Hopper Celebration 2018, Monetary Value: $6,250 USD for a team of 5 members, Details: Registration ticket costs are paid.e) Honorable Mention: Prize: Systers,, and Grace Hopper swag, Monetary Value: $1,500 USD for a team of 5 members, Details: USB bracelets, popsockets, t-shirts, notebooks and one item from every company that attends Grace Hopper Celebration.
f) Participation Prize: Prize: Digital Certificate.
4. The decisions of the Judges are final and there shall be no appeal from them.
5. Systers Community can take part in public voting. Public voting for Systers Choice Awards starts on 2nd March 2018 and ends on 15th March 2018.
6. Judges discussions connected to choosing Contest winners take place from 15th March 2018 until 30th March 2018.
7. The announcement of the Hackathon’s winners shall take place on 30th March 2018. The authors of the winning projects are obliged to supply the Organizer with complete personal data.

§ 6 [intellectual property rights to the contest projects]

1. The Contestants hold all intellectual property rights to projects and works presented during the Contest.
2. The Teams declare that they are the sole authors of the presented Projects and that the Project does not violate any third parties’ rights. The Contestants declare that they assume complete and unhindered responsibility for any third parties’ claims against the Organizer, resulting from using the Contest Project in the Contestant’s professional or business activities.
3. By participating in the Contest, the Contestant grants permission to the Organizer to record his or her image on photographic and video materials, in promotional purposes through an indefinite period, without restrictions and without remuneration.

§ 7 [final provisions]

1. The Organizer reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions, as long as it is caused by important matters beyond the control of the Organizer.
2. The Organizer shall inform the Contestants about any changes to the Terms and Conditions via electronic means and shall upload the amended Terms and Conditions on the website.
3. The Organizer is the Administrator of the personal data of the Contestants, who are natural persons. The Organizer declares that the personal data shall be processed only in the purposes of the Contest, and that the data shall not be made available to any third parties. Providing personal data is voluntary, but necessary to enter the Contest. The Contestant has a right to access her personal data and modify it.
4. The Terms and Conditions shall be published on the website: . The Organizer may also publish the Term and Conditions on his website.