Anita's Moonshot Codeathon


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Anita's Moonshot Codeathon


The challenge of Anita's Moonshot Codeathon was to create innovative solution to social or economic problem in participant's environment.

Judging criteria of the projects:

Creativity - How cool and creative is your concept?

Quality  - How well was your idea executed and how well they integrate with mission?

Impact - How does your solution help a community in need?

DiversityHow inclusive and intentional your team is to create the best product?

All the submitted project you can see here. 

  • 5 Winners
  • 75 Submissions
  • 98 Countries


  1. GPW


    Grand Prize Winners Rosie - Undermining Language Detector

    Grace Hopper Celebration Full Scholarships

    Rosie is a Google Chrome extension that detects undermining language and suggests more confident phrasing to help women represent themselves as the professionals they are.

  2. CC


    Community Campaigner Good Neighbors

    Computer Lab brought to a local high school or library.

    The Good Neighbors app is built to solve the need for "micro-assistance" within local communities.

  3. II


    Inspiring Innovator Lane Changer

    Virtual Reality Development Kits

    Lane Changer is a traffic management system which provides real-time lane change recommendation to reduce commute time and fuel consumption.

  4. HM


    Honorable Mention Clean Water AI

    Systers,, and Grace Hopper swag.

    Clean Water AI can be used to continuously detecting the water quality in real time, and can be used offline in areas where internet may not be accessible.

  5. S SV


    Systers Voting WeCompute

    Grace Hopper Celebration Tickets

    This social platform is filled with various section relevant to the problem of women’s employment in tech fields.