Anita's Moonshot Codeathon


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Anita's Moonshot Codeathon

75 submitted works

  • Go Solar Green

    Go Solar Green

    An Android application to guide users in installing Solar Panel, placing it on optimum tilt and direction and get estimate power for same.

  • A Helping Hand

    A Helping Hand

    It aims to bridge the distance between NGOs and less fortunate people all around the streets of India.

  • Breast milk reservoir for new-borns

    Breast milk reservoir for new-borns

    The project aims to create an ever-abundant breast milk reservoir to cater to the infant's by way of encouraging public participation.

  • smartkid


    mobile app that boost our children skills and creativity by making them future entrepreneur. enhance their imagination and be ambitious

  • Women in Digital

    Women in Digital

    Women Empowerment Through Technology

  • A Workshop in India

    A Workshop in India

    A 10 days workshop to teach scratch to middle schoolers in India

  • UnitCell


    It contains 3D models which clearly help to visualise the different unit cell structures.A-Frame framework and Javascript is used.

  • MuniReality


    Casting a light on mental illness by transforming real personal stories into games.

  • StrikeHunger


    StrikeHunger is a one-stop solution to bring together sources with extra food for sharing with the needy.

  • Eveline's Handmade Gifts

    Eveline's Handmade Gifts

    Eveline's Handmade Gifts is a place you should look for the most perfect gift. It offers unique and handmade gifts for every occasion.


    Lane Changer

    Lane Changer

    Lane Changer is a traffic management system which provides real-time lane change recommendation to reduce commute time and fuel consumption.

  • Perkey


    A smart parking system: more effective, eco-friendly, cheaper & has the capability of streamlining the parking system driven by innovation.

  • Aas- Never Lose Hope

    Aas- Never Lose Hope

    Aas aims at providing a one on one advisorship to women in distress, from another women who are in a position to help.



    This app helps manage expenses directly on your smartphone. Input income, budget and keep adding expenses daily and see your savings.


    Clean Water AI

    Clean Water AI

    Using AI and Jetson TX1 to detect water quality around the water sources in real time

  • Avance-Polen


    System to predict pollen count and its expected virulence for each of the main 5 pollen types at each observation node in the Madrid region.