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Anita's Moonshot Codeathon



Project description

Do you remember how it feels when you don't know how to tackle an assignment or want to talk through an interesting job offer or just looking for advice? There’s nothing better than having a few mentors to help you out along the way. What is the best way to find a mentor? I found some interesting options in different articles, but a lot of them require a lot of time because you need to find a person who is willing to help, who is an expert in their field and to get contact information of this person. So I build a bot that can help for example a girl that just started her journey in IT or experience designer who want to use different technology stack  add this bot to their Messenger, Skype or WhatsApp and submit an application and bot will find a mentor or mentee for you based on information you've added.  

So using my bot you can easily submit your application and become a mentor or menttee.

I am using Node.js, Azure to store and analyze information and Microsoft Bot Framework.

How to find the right audience for my bot? It is easy and the first step might be to share link to this bot among communities  like. Also I can make it bot available for one community only.