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Project description

Traffic congestion caused by vehicles is an alarming problem at a global scale, which is growing

exponentially, and car parking problem is a major contributor to it. Parking lots have been largely ignored

when it comes to technological innovations and ideas. However, with increasing number of vehicles on

the roads in urban cities, it's time that we effectively address this issue. Manually searching for a parking

space is a routine activity for many people in cities around the world.

Simply put, it's frustrating, inefficient, time-consuming, leads to wastage of fuel and a major increase in

the carbon footprint. in our project, we have proposed of a smart parking system, that we like to call

‘Perkey’, which consists of an on-site deployment of an iot module in each parking spot that is used to

monitor and signal the state of availability of the respective parking spot.

Each vehicle disrupts the magnetic fields present around naturally (or as calibrated), thus we measure

these disruptions to check the presence of a vehicle.

Along with this, an ultrasonic sensor checks the ground clearance, which must always fall within a certain

range for a specific vehicle (ex. a car and a truck would have different ranges). This is authenticated by

the user who parked the vehicle, by simply scanning the corresponding QR code using the android app.

also, within a period of 5 minutes if no user authenticates the vehicle, a buzzer goes off to signify the


The system includes of two android applications, first for the users and the second for the parking

management firms.

The first application, perkey, is provided for the end user to check the availability of parking spaces

across the town, display their history and scan a QR code to start a new transaction. It has a very simple

yet elegant user interface which very easy to operate.

The second application is for the parking management firms, which helps them in: -

• viewing the details of the users parked, both in detail and graphically

• generating statistics i.e. market basket analysis - a modelling technique based upon the theory that if

you buy a certain group of items, you are more (or less) likely to buy another group of items.

Other than viewing the current status, the management firm can very easily add new nodes, yet again by

scanning unique QR codes that identify the hardware and maps the physical and logical address at the


Thus, perkey covers all dimensions to parking, and is the parking solution to the future.

Perkey: The Smarter way!