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Anita's Moonshot Codeathon



Project description

IDEA:Weekly monitoring including diet charts

Reminder facility regarding proper intake of medicines, and schedule of vaccines, tests

Voice call and video call with doctor facility

Interactive games to teach the mothers regarding common myths and facts regarding pregnancy

Emergency Alert to Trusted Contacts

Prediction of delivery date using Machine Learning

Essential information that a pregnant lady should know

What have we implemented?Reminder for medicine, tests, vaccines

Video Calling feature

Emergency Alert

Current week/ status of pregnancy

Nearby doctors based on location

Essential information display

Travel plan for a pregnant lady

Games - myth vs fact

Weekly monitoring

Prediction of delivery date using Machine Learning - integrate in app

What we plan to implement?Automated Risk Assessment Tool for Pregnancy based on various factors such as diseases the mother has, is she alcoholic etc.

Improving UI

Future work

Wearable sensors that monitor heart rate, blood pressure etc