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Anita's Moonshot Codeathon



Project description

We wish to provide a solution to a problem that we all care about: "How to increase women participation  in computer related fields".Finding a solution to this problem is the need of the hour. For this purpose we have chosen NCWIT as our educational community .NCWIT provides a platform to women across the globe to showcase their talent and it makes sure that the talent of our women does not go unrecognized . It achieves this by organizing various programmes and competitions. 

There is no doubt in the capabilities and the power that women hold. All they need is a platform where they can put their knowledge into action. NCWIT provides such a platform to women across the globe.But this initiative can have more impact if this platform is easily accessible to every woman in the world.

So to help NCWIT increase its accessibility ,we propose the solution to this problem in the form of a mobile app. If this app is implemented at a global stage in association with NCWIT, then the women will be carry a bag of opportunities in their pockets and access them anytime, anywhere. Through the app we aim to help in building a community where one capable women meets another and can build a network with peers and mentors .

Main features:

1. Career section : We all get so worried about our future, so in this section there will be information about new jobs and interns and women can easily apply to them. There is an upload resume option as well. Once you have applied to any job, you can view the status of your application.

2. Talk with peers : It is so important to solve doubts that come in our way and solving them peers is an amazing option. We have provided women with a discussion forum.Here basically they can ask question or view recent questions.

3. Connect with mentors : We all get stuck while solving something and what's better than having a mentor by your side, you can chat with the mentor. And if you start a new field then you can explore the mentors of that particular field as well.

4. Motivational emails : We are humans and we have our ups and downs, low phase and high phase. We all need someone to believe in us in times when we lose hope. We will be that someone for you. By subscribing our daily mail you will get motivational mails on regular basis.  

5. Recent developments and events : To make women aware of what's happening in the world we have development section. There is an event section as well, where they can search for hackathons and meetups to explore and get new exposure.

6. Awards and ambassador program : To help NCWIT reach college level we have an ambassador program option too, you can apply in it and if selected you can present NCWIT at your college level. This will help women to get interested in computing field at a younger age. NCWIT also offers awards and using this app you can apply to those awards as well. 

With this idea, we wish to increase the amount of women in computing field. 

"If not now, then when

If not me, then who?"

We all ,by doing our bit, can make women in technology a reality.