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NVIDIA® Jetson™ Developer Challenge


AI Based Smart Agricultural SystemCommercial

Project description

Agriculture has been the backbone of human existence

since time immortal. It has also seen much advancement over

the years. Agriculture sector of Indian economy is the

mainstay of the rural Indian economy. Presently this sector

accounts approx. 14% in the GDP.Agriculture in India is the core sector for food

security, nutritional security, and sustainable development &

for poverty alleviation.Maintaining soil fertility, efficient soil fertility, most

importantly time of farmers to gain better results. Precision

agriculture technologies, awareness about the condition for

example can optimize fertilizer applications.With

technological advancement we gain better results as

technology enhances the conditions of agriculture sector by

monitoring and checking the status of the crops. It also helps

the farmers making them aware of the advantages of using

modern technology.Since most

of the Indian population is based on agriculture, it is thus very

necessary to make proper use of technology in production

rather than using outdated technologies which hamper the

yield and growth. In most of the cases we see the farmers rely

on their instinct which in many cases can hamper their

productivity. With the introduction of our product this thing

will not going to happen any-more.With the use of this

product we try to ensure the economic well being of the

farmers to attain maximum growth in production level. Our

main target would be to remove the middle man between the

farmers and the market for whom the hike in price, inflation in

the market occurs. The focus will be on implementing

efficient farm management.Technological

advancement results in low cost of production and minimizes

the wastage of resources that leads to increase in output level.Our product is unique in every aspect possible and it is

the first of its kind. We are using AI along with Image

Processing for the data collection and manipulation. The

processed data can be sent to a database using wireless

communication. The device will have a user interface so that

the farmers, owners of the land can communicate with it. The

system will tell what to do after analysing the input data

which can be either fertility of soil or the quality of the crops

or any infectious disease. For this, it will surely increase the

productivity and even the system will analyse the soil

conditions its features and tell the farmers which crop would

be more profitable for him to grow based on data collected all

over India.