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NVIDIA® Jetson™ Developer Challenge


Online Chinese Chess Platform

Project description

Online Chinese Chess is my project. It aims for people who wanna learn and play Chinese Chess anywhere, anytime. It has been published globally. It includes a lot of features such as

1. AI Hint for next move

2. Endgame editor

3. Playing endgame with AI

4. Finding people online to play

5. Offline playing by Facebook

6. Integrated with Text-to-speech software for blind people to play

7. Sharing your games online

8. Importing / Exporting your game to .pgn format

For those who wanna to learn Chinese Chess, this one is a very good website to start with and please have fun on it.

The most valuable part is the AI. We are considering a lot of Machine Learning method to improve the AI such as TensorFlow in deep learning. We are still keep updating our website.