Anita's Moonshot Codeathon

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  • Online
  • Czas Trwania 01.12.17-01.03.18
  • Pula nagród $27,250 in prizes

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Warunki uczestnictwa

Dr Anita Borg

“It’s my opinion that only by really full participation –– only by having a moonshot kind of goal will we actually do what’s necessary to pull women into creating the technology that is going to wash over the world in the future.”

Anita’s Moonshot Hackathon has been created to welcome women of diverse backgrounds for an inclusive opportunity to create tech that will impact the world. We invite women from all experiences, from beginner to professional, to come together and produce technical solutions to tackle problems close to your heart.

More about #Systers

Anita Borg created Systers in 1987 when she and 12 other women launched a small electronic mailing list for women in “systems.” Today, Systers is the world’s largest email community of women in computing. We have more than 7,500 members from more than 65 countries. We also host 23 different affinity groups where women technologists can connect with and offer support to members of their self-identified cultures.

Systers provides a private, safe online forum for women involved at any level of technical aspects in computing. Our members gain support by networking, sharing advice and experiences, and collaborating on various projects. We welcome women of all ages and at any stage of their studies or careers.

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