Run a hackathon.

Hackathon is a social event that lasts 8-48h and brings together developers, designers, engineers and all sort of tech talent.

Why run a hackathon?

  • You need more talent

    Top talent are difficult to find, difficult to assess, expensive to retain and hard to keep happy. Furthermore, they are usually not even looking for new opportunities. Read more
  • You need to innovate

    Read more Challenge the brightest and most creative minds to solve your business problems and to come up with innovative solutions. Use our community or your own employees to get both massive scale and excellent quality.
  • You need results, fast

    Read more Hackathons can serve as a catalyst for your business. Solve your critical business problems much faster. Go from an idea to a prototype in a matter of days, not months.


  • Create the hackathon introduction page

    Create a personalized landing page and make communication with registered participants faster & easier.

  • Build a communication center

    You gain one place to carry out the communication with all stakeholders (participants, judges, mentors, partners and others) through a system of notifications & messages.

  • Generate engagement

    Let participants interact. Use "likes" and "comments" features to build a community and increase the reach of your project.

  • Evaluate the projects

    Compare and evaluate all the submissions. Easily focus on those that are worth attention.

  • Publish the submissions

    Enable the participants with an opportunity to upload their works in various formats (video, apk, pdf, jpg).

  • Advanced analysis

    Get precise information about brand and participants with detailed reports and analysis, including submissions, registration details and more to get all the needed insights.

How it works

Six simple steps to run a great hackathon event.

  • 01

    Goals & KPIs

    Whether it’s for recruitment, brand building, PR, team engagement or generating new prototypes, we can help you out.

  • 02

    Challenge idea

    We help to create a challenge theme that would consistent with your goals and appealing to the developers.

  • 03

    Marketing plan

    We prepare event branding and use various channels to reach developers and create media buzz around your event.

  • 04

    Our community

    Set up a customized landing page on the ChallengeRocket platform and start tapping into our creative community!

  • 05

    Event preparation

    We use various ways to make it more engaging for the tech community.

  • 06

    The event itself

    We make it a super exciting experience! The story doesn’t end here. The next challenge is to properly make use of the results of the hackathon.

What can you achieve

  • App Design & Development

    Crowdsourcing is the easiest way to build useful mobile and web apps that people love. The ChallengeRocket community has talented developers and designers.

  • Innovation Programs

    The best ideas often come from the least expected direction. You can source ideas directly from your current employees or from creative minds around the world.

  • Hackathons Boosting Recruitment

    Hackathons are a great opportunity to discover new talent and see them working on real-world team projects. Résumés are passé! Hackathons are HR game-changers offering to recreate actual working conditions.

  • Startup Sourcing

    Hackathons can also aim at discovering the best startups - during the event startups are refining their products and companies can use their solutions for organization requirements.

  • Big Data Hacks

    ChallengeRocket helps to reach the community of data scientists and AI developers who can extract knowledge and get insights into unstructured datasets.

  • API Promotion

    We can run meetups, workshops and challenges to find out the best implementation of your API. We can encourage competition between teams to make awesome apps using your tech.

How global organizations use ChallengeRocket to connect the most talented problem solvers with tech challenges

  • Mercari Euro Hack 2018

  • Lion's Den - ING Modeling Challenge

  • bankITup - Data rules!

    • The Mercari Euro Hack 2018 engaged developers, designers, product managers and other creative people from all over the world. Their goal was to solve issues concerning resources management and the environment, using the sharing economy philosophy.

      read full case study
      • COUNTRIES 53
      • PROJECTS 30
    • At the heart of banking and fintech lies risk management. Talented analytic minds from all around Poland were invited to compete in Lion’s Den ING Modeling Challenge to create the best risk modeling solutions. The competition consisted of a pre-selection assignment and an onsite hackathon held in Warsaw.

      read full case study
      • Registered participants 80
      • DURATION 48 h
      • PROJECTS 15
    • Big Data is the key element of any successful business strategy today. Bank Zachodni WBK (Santander Group) holds an annual hackathon called bankITup, and for this year’s edition, titled “Data rules!”, data analysts, software developers, graphic designers, and creative individuals were invited.

      read full case study
      • Registered participants 109
      • PROJECTS 15
      • Total number of public votes 1597
      • Number of partners 26

    Media Highlights

    • ChallengeRocket makes the communication with developers easier. Thanks to them project developing is a challenge and fun at the same time.

    • This startup will completely change every job interview - both for brands and tech talents all over the world.

    • The innovative start-up from Wrocław has revolutionized online recruitment in the IT industry through online challenges and hackathons.

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