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Anita's Moonshot Codeathon


A Workshop in India

Project description

Moving from India, I got so many opportunities in the United States of America to explore the field I was most interested in.  It was incredible that I was able to learn animation, internetworking, and coding. I also got an opportunity to be part of Independent Study and Mentorship (ISM) in Frisco ISD. This course includes intense research, original idea generation, original product design, and written analysis of research. In addition, ISM teacher also works with the students on professionalism, time management, resume writing, and goal setting to help prepare students for future. Developing countries do not even give choices of classes to students. After 10th standard/grade, students are supposed to select their major and their field of study. Without any prior knowledge or introduction, how can you tell this is what you wanted to do for rest of the life? This question is still bothering me. I feel bad for those who selected a major under the influence of others and did not like it. Through my Final Product, I wanted to try to solve 0.01% of this problem. My product introduced Computer Science to the students in India. I introduced them with a Scratch software for coding. With Scratch, young people can program their own interactive stories, games, and animations. It is designed for ages 8-16 but is used by people of all ages. In today’s society, the ability to code is an important part of literacy. Scratch helps students learn important strategies for solving problems, designing projects, and communicating ideas. Through this workshop, I wanted to inspire the young generation to generate curiosity for Computer Science. My website included interactive games, quizzes, and a basic introduction of the topic I have selected of that day. Through these games and quizzes, I wanted to collect data from students to see how are they progressing.