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Anita's Moonshot Codeathon


V for Vagina

Project description

Menstruation, the word itself has been a taboo, not to be ever spoken in public. Women seldom get the proper education about reproductive health, menstrual hygiene, signs and symptoms of various vaginal infections and their cure. The scenario is even worse in Africa and Asia.

“V for Vagina” is an Augmented Reality(AR) app targeted for women who have access to a smartphone, to be her guide to all her questions and doubts about the vaginal infection.

Features of the app include :

1. Why vaginal infection occurs
2. The symptoms of various types of infection
3. How to prevent vaginal infection
4. Detection of vaginal infection (future work)

We have included five overlays in the demo :

1. Introduction - A basic introduction to female reproductive organ including the vagina.
2. Yeast/Fungal Infection - This overlay deals in details how fungal infection occurs in the vagina.
3. Bacterial Infection -  This overlay deals in details how bacterial infection occurs in the vagina and also the symptoms of it.
4. STD Infection -  This overlay deals in details how infection occurs from sexually transmitted diseases(STD).
5. Protection -  This overlay deals with how to prevent vaginal infection as well as guidance on sanitary products’ safe usage rules.

The technologies “V for Vagina” are/will be using :

1. Aurasma - We have used Aurasma in the demo to show how we will scan images to visualize augmented videos.
2. Vuforia - In future, V for vagina will be using Vuforia to scan and process the images in real time with the help of machine learning to detect(diagnosis) infection.