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  • Discover hidden programming talent

    Most developers already have jobs. They’re hard-to-reach and usually don’t reply to job ads. But they are very likely to take part in an online challenge or a hackathon. Especially if it’s fun! Read more
  • Enhance and automate tech assessment

    Read more Save engineering hours thanks to the integration of AI into our platform. Get a complete report with insights into each candidate and interview just the best ones!
  • Improve candidate experience

    Read more We make it more appealing to developers! Our coding tasks are designed in such a way that involves gamification to keep the participants interested during the assessment process.
  • Create a new talent pipeline

    Read more Build an entire ecosystem around your brand! We market your tech challenge with promotional content, by contacting tech communities, our partner communities, local meetups and PR activities.

Powerful recruitment platform

  • Customize the challenge landing page

    Amaze your candidates with a stunning introduction page. Fully personalize the theme with your brand logo and colors.

  • Generate test content

    Generate a full assessment test using our ready-to-use templates of theoretical questions and coding assignments.

  • Compose final assignments

    Customize default tests or build new ones from scratch. We support 25+ most popular programming languages.

  • Schedule code test for candidates

    Candidates are asked to answer questions or solve code assignment on our platform. They write the code directly in the editor provided by our platform. It is automatically evaluated and scored.

  • Automatic assessment & reporting

    Get detailed insights into each candidate’s performance after they’ve completed the assessment. The system identifies their strengths & weaknesses, and provides an interpretation of their scores.

  • Compare candidates

    See how a candidate compares with other applicants for the same job opening, or across the industry. Generate user-friendly reports and keep track of your test results over time.

  • Get insights into the submitted code

    You can dig deeper into the details of each candidate’s results. Review their code submissions and answers.

According to Facebook for Developers:

ChallengeRocket.com is the world's best platform for software developers and engineers to assess and improve their technical skills.


  • Various competition forms

    Assessment test to aid in your ongoing recruitment process or an open programming challenge to source hidden talent.

  • Various programming languages

    Our assessment platform supports over 25 of the most popular programming languages.

  • Real-time results

    Recruiters can follow the candidates’ progress in real time as they are completing the test.

  • Enterprise-ready, scalable platform

    Enterprise-grade platform with scalable team management, compliance, security and privacy controls and a guaranteed 99,5% uptime.

  • Save time thanks to AI

    Keep track of all coding candidates with the help of AI. Capture the nuances of each candidate’s performance.

  • Advanced analytics and rankings

    Compare candidates with one another and with your current employees.

Simple to use

  • 1

    Create a test

    Pick questions from our extensive library or create a new ones from scratch.

  • 2

    Developers enter test

    Verify and assess the skills of your current job candidates or discover hidden talent by running an open challenge.

  • 3

    Select the best

    Powerful reports help you decide who fits your company best.

How organizations use ChallengeRocket to source and screen candidates

  • Rockwell Automation
    C++ Challenge

  • NVIDIA® Jetson™ Developer Challenge

  • Mercari Euro Hack 2018

    • How to attract more than 600 highly-skilled software developers in just 2 months? Read on to find out how a Fortune 500 brand Rockwell Automation took advantage of the coding challenge to find highly-skilled C++ developers.

      read full case study
      • Challenge participants 639
      • Completed code assignments 369
      • Interest in the recruitment process 510
      • Landing page visits 14,000
    • Goal of the challenge was to inspire engineers to create AI projects leveraging NVIDIA tech. We engaged over 2300 creative minds from 80 countries. Check out the innovative works we received from robotics engineers, software developers and AI geeks from all around the world.

      read full case study
      • Online Challenge Participants 2369
      • Countries 80
      • Projects 114
      • Votes 4411
    • The Mercari Euro Hack 2018 engaged developers, designers, product managers and other creative people from all over the world. Their goal was to solve issues concerning resources management and the environment, using the sharing economy philosophy.

      read full case study
      • Online Challenge Participants 560
      • COUNTRIES 53
      • PROJECTS 30

    Assessment Challenge - Basic Walkthrough

    Media Highlights

    • ChallengeRocket makes the communication with developers easier. Thanks to them project developing is a challenge and fun at the same time.

    • This startup will completely change every job interview - both for brands and tech talents all over the world.

    • The innovative start-up from Wrocław has revolutionized online recruitment in the IT industry through online challenges and hackathons.

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