Euro Hack 2018
Sharing Economy Solutions Medium




Thanks to all Participants!

  • LOCATION Warsaw | Poland
  • PRIZE POOL €22.500 + travel and accommodation reimbursement
  • DATE Sep 01 - Oct 07, 2018 23:59 CEST

Mercari Euro Hack 2018

Example Solutions

Mercari Euro Hack's final output should be a working system or prototype aiming at improving the sharing economy. Here are few examples of the technical systems we can think of. Feel free to take inspiration from these!

1. Microblogging platform to share house-sharing/hotels experiences linked with listings on various platforms.
2. System/prototype to predict "fair" price for a shared apartment, listed on a house-sharing service.
3. System/prototype to predict "fair" price for an item listed on a C2C marketplace.
4. System/prototype to make use of AR/VR for a listed item on a C2C marketplace.
5. Implementing "Communities" feature in a C2C marketplace for more engagement- eg: "College Fashion", "Gaming Nerds", "Environment Lovers" etc
6. System/prototype to recommend shared apartments in a house-sharing service based on one's previous selection preferences.
7. Shared apartment IOT systems for security (prototype): system/prototype to inform the host when the guest leaves -> lock the doors automatically and /or switch off the electric appliances.
8. Lets Move Together - Using out an entire truck to move your house?- create a system that finds companions' who wish to move together & share the cost.
9. Wifi Sharing systems - Need a wifi in a different country? connect to others' mobile hotspots and/or provide your hotspot and earn points for that.
10. Delivery in "food sharing" services: food wastage & uneven distribution is a common problem, especially in big events - create a system/prototype to ensure delivery of excess food with ensured quality, to the needy.
11. Garden-Share - Platform to connect one owning a garden/land and one wishing to grow their plants.
12. Language exchange platforms- recommendation system based on level, location, age group, purpose etc.

This website lists more than 500 sharing economy solutions! Can you come up with a technical system to make these solutions better?