Euro Hack 2018
Sharing Economy Solutions Medium




Thanks to all Participants!

  • LOCATION Warsaw | Poland
  • PRIZE POOL €22.500 + travel and accommodation reimbursement
  • DATE Sep 01 - Oct 07, 2018 23:59 CEST

Mercari Euro Hack 2018


Mercari Euro Hack 2018 engaged developers, designers, product managers and other creative people. Their goal was too solve resources management and environmental issues, using the sharing economy philosophy.

The challenge was to solve some common sharing economy problems, regarding:

  • quality of service,
  • security & privacy,
  • fairness,
  • anything else that came to participants' minds!
  • 3 Winners
  • 92 Participants
  • 560 Registrations
  • 53 Countries
  • 30 Teams

This was Mercari’s first hackathon in Europe, and the number of participants was far higher than we anticipated. We were really impressed by how motivated everyone was for this event. Despite difficult conditions (like time limit and complexity of projects) most teams made it to the final presentation and were very high level. Thank you all for your hard work on amazing projects and dedication to making the idea sharing economy better!

The Winners

  1. 1


    1ST PRIZE FOR Giant Leap Lab Team

    €4,000 and trip to Japan

    Marketplace to buy and sell objects their owners no longer have a need for. Team's goal is to popularize reselling used clothing, furniture, etc., as an effective means of saving the environment.

  2. 2


    2ND PRIZE FOR Aaltoids Team

    €2,500 and trip to Japan

    The team wishes to make it possible to tell whether you should trust a new user before they even do anything. Thanks to their project, all you need to do is look at how many trustworthy and untrustworthy users they’re Facebook friends with.

  3. 3


    3RD PRIZE FOR Junglers Team

    €1,000 and trip to Japan

    The project aims to solve the problem of fairness on marketplace services. The team have built a system that verifies whether product photographs are original or copied, thus not representing it accurately.