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NVIDIA® Jetson™ Developer Challenge


Demonstration for Promotion of Deep Learning

Project description

Understanding of Deep Learning is not complete yet...

So we want to disseminate accurate information about Deep Learning !

That's right, seeing is believing !

Let's demonstrate with Jetson.

We believe that Jetson is the best device to disseminate Deep Learning's actual performance.

Jetson is well-balanced and excellent for demonstration.

The HW / SW that needs it is very simple.

because Jetson has a built-in CPU and GPU.

It is easy to build a demonstration environment of Deep Learning.

In addition, we worked on speeding up to make the demonstration more comfortable.

we applied pruning and TensorRT.

5x Speed-up and no degradation of Accuracy of algorithms for product.

It will be further speed-up if Xavier released or TensorRT upgrade.

We can get speed-up Only by waiting.

That is wonderful !!

We are accelerating the promotion of deep learning by demonstrating various algorithms under investigation with Jetson.