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NVIDIA® Jetson™ Developer Challenge



Project description

Sigma AI Drone is a fully assembled flying platform that combines the Sigma Autopilot with the NVIDIA Jetson AI supercomputer.


Sigma Autopilot is packed with multiple sensors for accurate position and real-time motion sensing. It’s GPS data is fused with readings from 9-axis IMU sensors (gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer) and barometric pressure sensor in real-time. While Sigma Autopilot controls low level controls and communications in flight while sending real-time telemetry data and receiving control inputs over the Wi-Fi network; NVIDIA Jetson is functioning as the brain of the smart drone, provides high processing power for real time target tracking, situational awareness and accurate navigation.


Sigma AI Drone has built-in Lidar, Radar and 3D Stereo Camera system to prevent ground collision in complex environments at high speeds. Advanced algorithms also utilize data from other onboard sensors such as barometer, accelerometers, gyros and GPS to allow for precise and accurate response to stay away from existing infrastructure, trees, buildings and other obstacles on the flight path. Sigma AI Drone uses 3D Stereo Camera and dedicated Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) algorithms to construct a 3D map of the environment while providing precise location data to improve accuracy of navigation at indoor.


Sigma AI Drone can also meet the user needs for a safe and reliable flight experience with the combination of unique motion prediction technology and intelligent follow algorithms designed for high-precision tracking in the most challenging elements. Deep learning based real time tracking of the user on the high definition stereo video makes Sigma AI Drone more powerful and agile. It meets the user needs for reduced-task-load in performing these operations.


By using the combination of all these features, Sigma AI Drone handles accurate navigation and sensor management in flight and utilizes onboard sensors and dedicated control algorithms to flight autonomously by courtesy of state-of-the-art deep learning technology.

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    aykut demirel

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    aykut demirel

    Yolunuz açık olsun

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    Milli bir drone un yapılabilmesi gurur verici. Başarılarınizin devamını dilerim.

  4. AD

    Akif Dulger

    i agree with you :) GO SIGMA :)

  5. KK

    Kutay KFT

    The idea is great! Seems like behind this project there is a huge work that spent developing this artificially intelligence drone. We need more of these type of improvements on custom designed drones. I hope this candidate win the contest. GO SIGMA!

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    Tebrik ediyoruz kardeşim