Anita's Moonshot Codeathon


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Anita's Moonshot Codeathon

75 submitted works

  • Sahayak


    Shayak is an app made for pregnant ladies right from their getting started till they give birth to their child.

  • Addiction bracelet

    Addiction bracelet

    Bracelet to treat addictions or treat emotional a bracelet with sensors.

  • Hypo


    reporting tool for women about workplace harassment

  • Welcome to Nigeria

    Welcome to Nigeria

    Developing an app with girl's to help visitors and friends of Nigeria find infos regarding Nigeria

  • posti_Checker


    I and my team made an app which can solve our health related issue. like counting , measuring our daily chart. periodic month date. pegnant

  • Stop Human Trafficking using Data Science

    Stop Human Trafficking using Data Science

    The idea is about how to use data science in stopping human trafficking.

  • Muavin


    An app used to notify online harassment on females.

  • E-doughter


    My mom kept asking me to help her with sending picture from her smartphone so I created E-daughter - application that will help her.

  • LocateBus


    LocateBus An app to help people with their Bus search for daily Commute to office and back home.

  • Break your shell

    Break your shell

    My project is basically an app which will leverage the women involvement in society and technology and to provide women with opportunities .

  • Application for retinal imaging analysis

    Application for retinal imaging analysis

    A mobile app captures and analyse retina images via a small ophthalmoscope mounted on top of the phone for automated telemedicine diagnosis