Anita's Moonshot Codeathon


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Anita's Moonshot Codeathon

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    It is an application to provide a much more accessible platform to access the initiatives of NCWIT with an added feature of career section.

  • EmpowerHer++


    EmpowerHer++ is an initiative by girls to help girls in tech find the right people for guidance.


    Rosie - Undermining Language Detector

    Rosie - Undermining Language Detector

    Chrome extension to detect and correct undermining language on Gmail, Outlook, Slack, and more platforms to empower women in the workplace.

  • V for Vagina

    V for Vagina

    V for Vagina is a tool for women to create awareness about different types of vaginal infection.It's an Augmented Reality(AR) application.

  • Bakau


    Bakau is an app where a citizen is able to submit, manage and report about wildlife of a Mangroves area.

  • GoSafe


    GoSafe is an android application which helps users identify safe zones in an area and also find the safest routes for commuting.

  • Gesture Translator App

    Gesture Translator App

    Every day deaf people struggle with the huge communication barrier. To help them we created app that recognizes sign language gestures

  • AllAboutPeriods


    All about Periods is a community driven platform for raising awareness about Periods.

  • Perkey


    A smart parking system: more effective, eco-friendly, cheaper & has the capability of streamlining the parking system driven by innovation.

  • Project Silverlining

    Project Silverlining

    Free access to education

  • On the way

    On the way

    Our aim is to expedite the transfer of patients in an emergency and provide the best quality attention reducing unexpected deaths and grief.

  • WoMenTor


    We created a mentoring app for women (womentor) to recommend other nearby women, based on the similarity of their interests, skills.

  • Retinaid The visual assistant

    Retinaid The visual assistant

    The presented application (wireframe) is that of Retinaid: assistant for people suffering from Retinitis Pigmentosa and Vitreous Haemorrhage

  • posti_Checker


    I and my team made an app which can solve our health related issue. like counting , measuring our daily chart. periodic month date. pegnant

  • Quality Education is every child's right

    Quality Education is every child's right

    One thing that is extremely powerful and can solve many problems of today is "children with quality education", because they are our future.

  • Stoppage Reminder

    Stoppage Reminder

    Providing a tool to aid domestic violence under a decent looking app that can be used for getting reminders on arrival of the destination.