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NVIDIA® Jetson™ Developer Challenge


WiseGlass - advertising mirrors

Project description

Problem of outdoor advertising

Huge advertising market evolves. Advertising in public spaces is becoming less and less effective because of the "advertising blindness" problem. People inadvertently stop noticing public space advertises such as billboards or posters. This is why advertising is now moving into the virtual world, web sites and smartphones. The reason is that the ability to target the ad to different people and got reliable feedback. There is no such as this possibility in the public space.


WiseGlass is an advertising platform that combines advertising media (advertising mirrors and others), and software that allows you to target ads to different types of people and collect feedback data. This technology is the only way in the public space to get effectiveness like on websites and smartphones.

  • Increasing revenues for owners of public spaces (commissions)
  • Collecting & analyzing data
  • Targeting & distribution of advertisements
  • Minimal investment risk
  • Simple and fair settlement


WiseGlass is a combination of: sensors, mirrors, platform:

WiseGlass sensors connected to the platform provide information how many people have actually seen the ad.  Each has an embedded Nvidia Jetson TX2. Its computing power allows for precise assessment of the recipient of the advertisement, adjustment of the advertisement and verification of the message and examination of its response and interest in the advertised product.
WiseGlass mirrors are unique, good look and innovative advertising medium, which effectively attract the eye.
WiseGlass platform is a software based on computing cloud, for targeting and distribution adverts.   Scaling possibilities.

The Wiseglass business model is based on renting space in public places. The rental fee is calculated taking into account the number of real views of the advertisement.

The owner of the public location joining the WiseGlass platform bears the part of the costs of mirrors in its location. For him, this is an investment that can turn in a few months. Such a model of operation will allow for a rapid increase in the number of devices and hence the large use of Jetson TX2 devices.

WiseGlass's main clients are media houses and advertising agencies. Machine learning allows one to offer the only advertising service targeted at a specific person. An additional value is the collection and analysis of data about the recipient's behavior and response.

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    Moim zdaniem jeden z najciekawszych projektów jakie widziałem. Niby bardzo prosty pomysł, a jednak z wielkim potencjałem i możliwościami nowatorskiego rozwoju, np. w oparciu o wykorzystanie zdecentralizowanej chmury czy tokenów użytkowych funkcjonujących w ramach technologii blockchain.