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  1. How Opening Your Organization to Hackathons Has More Benefits Than You Believe

    Several hundred hackathons take place in 100+ countries every year. A common misconception is that these are beneficial for coders and startups. This couldn’t be further from the truth as hackathons are one of the most effective ways of accelerating the digitalization of large organizations.

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  2. Girls rule! Feel the girl power in hackathons


    Until recently programming and the IT industry were associated with nerd guys in bizarre clothes, most likely sitting with computers in the cellar, and the view of the girl at the tech university surprised everyone so much that it was thought that perhaps she is lost. Today, thanks to valuable campaigns (such as: Girls at Universitites of Technology) the number of women in science is growing year by year - girls come out of the shadows and among boys face challenges during hackathons.

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  3. 6 Easy Ways to become more impressive developer!

    Apply those and become a better version of yourself!

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  4. Top 10 of Programming Languages With The Highest Salaries In 2017

    Which programming language will be the most popular in 2017? What skills will prove to be the highest paying? What competences will be sought-after by companies and institutions among candidates for jobs in the IT sector?

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  5. Top tips to land top tech jobs in 2017

    Over two thirds of of IT directors claim their organizations don't have sufficient in-house tech skills. The skills gap in the industry is ongoing concern and in result developers are in high demand. This trend is likely to continue and even grow for the foreseeable future. Here are few pointers how to drive your candidacy up a notch and increase chances of securing yourself a desirable spot.

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  6. Problem with good intensions

    Obviously there's a problem with good intentions. Maybe the trick is that start off with something simple. Something that you can easily plan for the coming weeks or even start implementing right away into your daily routine. So what are some of the commitments we can recommend to all programmers?

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  7. Creative City Hackathon

    "CULTURE_INNOVATION_TECHNOLOGY" was a conference + all-night Hackathon. Event was organized by Malopolska Region (this is where Cracow is located), NextTry and

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