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  • Why it is worth to attend hackathon?

    “Hackathon” still sounds unfamiliar to you? It fascinates you a bit, but you are equally afraid of coming to one? One may say that hackathons can be compared to a coloring competition between adults to see who comes out with the most creative sustainable solution to the posed problem. So don’t be shy! Use your ideas and crayons! Usually there is no problem with assembling teams at the beginning of a hackathon, but bringing friends with you will certainly help to control fear and just derive joy from event ! Attending one such event will prove extremely beneficial and leave you with a feeling of fulfillment, and we’ll go over that later in this piece.

  • Developing the technology of tomorrow - NVIDIA Jetson™ Developer Challenge case study

    NVIDIA along with has organized a brilliant online challenge focused on use of Artificial Intelligence in solutions that benefit all of us in fields like security, healthcare, or education, the NVIDIA Jetson ™ Developer Challenge. This case study will highlight the most interesting projects submitted to the hackathon in question with the intention of shedding the light on the potential that lies in AI, as well as importance of organizing similar events.

  • Moving the society forward with ideas - #SustainHack case study

    Responsible Business Forum are the organizers of the 7th CSR Marketplace, and this year they’ve partnered with BGŻ BNP Paribas bank and Kompania Piwowarska to hold an idea challenge on the platform. The online event was given a name #SustainHack and focused on sustainable development in Polish society, but we believe the solutions that emerged from this initiative can benefit every country in the world. Because of that we share our experience of working with these companies with all of you.

  • What you should learn before your first hackathon

    Hackathons are for anyone who is interested in technology. If you daydream of making an application, a website or even a toy, there is probably a hackathon out there for you. There is a misconception that you need to be a coder to attend hackathons. It’s not true. Programmers, marketers, graphic designers, project managers or any tech enthusiasts can attend. A hackathon is a great place for like-minded people to come together and implement new ideas.

  • Code for equality - Anita’s Moonshot Codeathon case study

    In celebration of Systers ’ 30th anniversary ChallengeRocket and Anita Borg Institute organized Anita’s Moonshot Codeathon. The challenge aimed to bring all people identifying as women together in effort to promote their equal participation in tech fields, mainly software development.

  • Code challenges that you just need to know about

    You’re a newcomer to the field of programming, there’s not much you know but you feel that world is there for you to conquer. You’ve got the right mindset, but experience is yet to be gained. Worry not, everybody needs to start somewhere . Why not try some code challenges to kickstart your learning experience?

  • Coding challenges - skip sleeping this weekend

    Programmers, tech enthusiasts, say goodbye to your bed! Coding challenges will keep you up like nothing else. Find out why it’s all worth the effort!

  • Programming challenges to boost your coding game!

    Software development is a hot field to be employed in right now, if you can code you shouldn’t have problems finding a job. It’s all nice and dandy until you realize the speed at which this sector is evolving. Programming challenges are the answer.

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