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  • Hackathons 2018 - how to find one near me?

    We’re almost halfway through 2018 and the amount of hackathons and challenges we’ve seen so far is astounding. More importantly though, just as much, if not more of those events are yet to come.

  • How to prepare for a hackathon? Learn from the finalists of NVIDIA Jetson™ Developer Challenge

    Are you a tech junkie? A prize-hunting, passionate programmer? If the answer is “yes”, then you’ve most probably already taken part in a hackathon or two, but progress can always be made. Why don’t you dive into the stories of finalists of NVIDIA Jetson™ Developer Challenge to get some advice?

  • Finding a lucrative career in the world of Big Data and risk modeling

    According to a Business Insider report, data scientists are the most sought-after tech professionals in the US with a median salary of $110,000. Besides the high earning potential, data scientists also have one of the highest career satisfaction rate and they can work in any industry. From finance to entertainment to retail, data scientists are helping organizations with data analysis and risk analysis projects. Governments and businesses depend on this information to make critical decisions that shape the future of society. So data professionals will continue to a play vital role in the coming years.

  • Why would you take part in a hackathon?

    The dust after NVIDIA Jetson™ Developer Challenge slowly settles down, the emotions are being contained, the last minute adrenaline rush is over. This, however, does not mean it’s time to close the book and don’t look back. We’ve interviewed the finalists to get more insight into the challenge from their perspective, as it’s their point of view that matters the most. If you are to participate in a similar event you will want to know exactly how it feels. But why would you want to do that in the first place?

  • Why it is worth to attend hackathon?

    “Hackathon” still sounds unfamiliar to you? It fascinates you a bit, but you are equally afraid of coming to one? One may say that hackathons can be compared to a coloring competition between adults to see who comes out with the most creative sustainable solution to the posed problem. So don’t be shy! Use your ideas and crayons! Usually there is no problem with assembling teams at the beginning of a hackathon, but bringing friends with you will certainly help to control fear and just derive joy from event ! Attending one such event will prove extremely beneficial and leave you with a feeling of fulfillment, and we’ll go over that later in this piece.

  • Developing the technology of tomorrow - NVIDIA Jetson™ Developer Challenge case study

    NVIDIA along with has organized a brilliant online challenge focused on use of Artificial Intelligence in solutions that benefit all of us in fields like security, healthcare, or education, the NVIDIA Jetson ™ Developer Challenge. This case study will highlight the most interesting projects submitted to the hackathon in question with the intention of shedding the light on the potential that lies in AI, as well as importance of organizing similar events.

  • Moving the society forward with ideas - #SustainHack case study

    Responsible Business Forum are the organizers of the 7th CSR Marketplace, and this year they’ve partnered with BGŻ BNP Paribas bank and Kompania Piwowarska to hold an idea challenge on the platform. The online event was given a name #SustainHack and focused on sustainable development in Polish society, but we believe the solutions that emerged from this initiative can benefit every country in the world. Because of that we share our experience of working with these companies with all of you.

  • What you should learn before your first hackathon?

    Hackathons are for anyone who is interested in technology. If you daydream of making an application, a website or even a toy, there is probably a hackathon out there for you. There is a misconception that you need to be a coder to attend hackathons. It’s not true. Programmers, marketers, graphic designers, project managers or any tech enthusiasts can attend. A hackathon is a great place for like-minded people to come together and implement new ideas.

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