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  • We confirmed the effectiveness of our IT talent recruitment method – 2019 in brief

    2019 summary brief ChallengeRocket startup platform

    The future of recruitment? We confirmed the effectiveness of our IT talent acquisition method and started a cooperation with PZU, Nordea, Intel, Samsung, Nokia, and Rockwell Automation. We also attracted new investors and acquired several million zlotys to fuel our further growth. 2019 at ChallengeRocket in brief.

  • Potwierdziliśmy skuteczność naszej metody do pozyskiwania najlepszych specjalistów z branży IT - Podsumowanie roku 2019

    Podsumowanie roku ChallengeRocket startup platforma

    Przyszłość w rekrutacji pracowników? Potwierdziliśmy skuteczność naszej metody do pozyskiwania najlepszych specjalistów z branży IT. Zaczęliśmy współpracę z PZU, Nordea, Intel, Samsung, Nokia czy też Rockwell Automation. Mamy nowych inwestorów i kilka mln zł na dalszy rozwój spółki. ChallengeRocket w podsumowaniu roku.

  • ChallengeRocket - platforma do rekrutacji specjalistów z cyfrowymi umiejętnościami, pozyskuje 5,6 mln zł na dalszy rozwój

    ChallengeRocket platforma rekrutacja inwestycja start-up

    3,2 mln zł to kwota inwestycji Funduszu EEC Magenta, a 2,4 mln zł to środki pozyskane w ramach programu „Szybka Ścieżka”. (...) to start-up, który trafnie zdiagnozował problem występującej na rynku luki kompetencyjnej i zaproponował rozwiązanie, które sprawdziło się w praktyce biznesowej. Organizacja posiada już doświadczenie w pracy z korporacjami, również na rynkach międzynarodowych. Z tego powodu Fundusz EEC Magenta zdecydował się na dokonanie inwestycji w kwocie 3,2 mln zł właśnie w – komentuje Rafał Małecki, Partner w EEC Ventures.

  • 6 Time Management Hacks For Tech Recruiters

    time management hacks for tech recruiters

    The IT industry is expanding by leaps and bounds, and tech recruiters are starting to feel the pressure to source and hire more talents than ever. Fortunately, tech recruiters can take advantage of tools that streamline processes, automate tasks, and help save time on some of them. But to make the most of it, it’s key to pair them up with best practices and processes. Here are 6 essential time management hacks to help you save your precious time and dedicate it to activities that bring you the greatest value.

  • How a Fortune 500 brand Rockwell Automation sourced top C++ developers with a coding contest


    Learn how the industrial automation and IT leader Rockwell Automation attracted more than 600 highly-skilled software developers in just 2 months. Read on to find out how this organization took advantage of the coding challenge to find highly-skilled C++ developers.

  • Reviewing The Most Interesting HR Tech Conferences In 2019


    Keeping up with the recent HR trends and tools is the key for recruiting top talent successfully. And one of the best ways to do that is by attending HR Tech conferences that focus on the challenges and opportunities that recruiters in the tech industry are facing. Are you looking for some inspiration? We believe that these are the most exciting HR-Tech events happening this year all over the world.

  • How To Generate 200 Tech Recruitment Leads In 3 weeks? A 6-Step Guide To Creating A Successful Coding Challenge

    ChallengeRocket’s clients have managed to get up to 600 software developer recruitment leads in a single open challenge. Overall, both time-to-hire and cost-per-hire were reduced up to 54% and 80% respectively (when compared to traditional job-board recruitment campaigns).

  • Developing HR-Tech Solution: 9 Lessons We've Learnt At ChallengeRocket In 2018

    challengerocket hackathons challenges year summary

    Hi, my name is Kamila and I am the CMO at ChallengeRocket. 2018 may be a thing of the past but I am still amazed by how much more has happened compared to the previous year . One year ago our team probably already knew that the coming year would bring even more of everything: challenges, work, changes, and so on. Once again, real life proved to exceed the wildest of expectations. Now I want to share with you a few things we’ve learnt (sometimes in a hard way!) in 2018.

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