Anita's Moonshot Codeathon


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Anita's Moonshot Codeathon

75 submitted works




    It is an application to provide a much more accessible platform to access the initiatives of NCWIT with an added feature of career section.

  • Girl Health

    Girl Health

    Having good health is a form of self respect. Girl Health App keeps your health worries covered by health experts in all fields of life.

  • TAO - Taxi Allocation Optimization

    TAO - Taxi Allocation Optimization

    A smart solution for shortage of Taxi's at Events in Dubai.

  • My Chibhorani -my borehole

    My Chibhorani -my borehole

    A convenient way for Zibagwe community to accesses clean, safe drinking water easily and report faulty or contaminated boreholes


    Good Neighbors

    Good Neighbors

    A social platform that enables community members to seek and provide help on demand.

  • E-Channel


    Education app prototype is created by using

  • Intelligent Course Recommendation System

    Intelligent Course Recommendation System

    Helping people enrich their user profiles by recommending the relevant courses to up their game

  • Gesture Translator App

    Gesture Translator App

    Every day deaf people struggle with the huge communication barrier. To help them we created app that recognizes sign language gestures

  • TechBreeds


    Techbreed aims to introduce the advantages of technology to kids at a younger age in an exciting and engaging way.



    SARMI is an Android application that helps victims of domestic violence connect faster to shelters and police.

  • Project Silverlining

    Project Silverlining

    Free access to education

  • V for Vagina

    V for Vagina

    V for Vagina is a tool for women to create awareness about different types of vaginal infection.It's an Augmented Reality(AR) application.

  • Equalizer


    Equalizer is an app that helps new fathers understand and achieve equally shared parenting.

  • MentoBot


    MentoBot - this is a bot that can help you to find a mentor or to become a mentor.

  • OAZA


    OAZA is an inclusive application that uses machine learning to predict food deserts and then connects small farmers to these communities.

  • EdAssist - Bridging gaps in Education

    EdAssist - Bridging gaps in Education

    This project is aimed at creating a platform where NGOs (related to education) & corporations can reach out to each other & share resources.